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dave taylor profile info on zeqrI’ve been an entrepreneur since I was old enough to hustle. In fact, it’s hard to say exactly which was my first business, but either going door to door waxing cars for $20 or pairing up with my pal Mitchell and offering a private plane cleaning service at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles are both in the running. Then there was the bike repair business I ran out of our garage, complete with ads in the local newspaper.

Zoom forward and I’ve worked with a lot of companies and amassed quite a knowledge base of digital marketing, strategy, fundraising and general management experience, bolstered by both a Masters in Education from Purdue and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. I’ve launched four startups of my own, participate in both Boards of Directors and Boards of Advisors for companies, been a hired gun for Sand Hill Road venture capital groups and even dabbled in angel investing myself. More importantly, I keep my finger on the virtual pulse of the industry and business world as an active participant in the social media world and creator of a popular YouTube tech and consumer electronics channel.

I’ve also been in your shoes too, running a small startup and not knowing where to turn for smart, savvy and accurate advice. It might be as simple as whether to invest in an AdWords campaign for your product or as complex as identifying key product features for your MVP (minimum viable product). And that’s where I can come in: I’ve consulted with a lot of startups and entrepreneurial companies and can definitely offer you the benefit of my experience and critical analysis skills.


But logistics! How can we make it work? The answer: Zeqr (pronounce it “zeeker”) is where I’m offering live one-on-one consulting through their tools and slick platform to make it easy for us to schedule, coordinate and focus on your problems, your issues and your opportunities, without being sidetracked by all the backend tech and related.

If you’re hungry for smart advice and a candid assessment of your business, product or service and how you’re marketing it, let’s connect. On Zeqr!

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