Eiffel Tower Removed for Cleaning

Alright, it’s at DisneyWorld’s Epcot Center, but still, what a great idea… just pull the Eiffel tower into the back lot and give it a good scrub and painting. Then, voila! It’s new again. If you’re on the way to Epcot, you’ll doubtless notice it’s missing, and will continue to be missing until December.

One comment on “Eiffel Tower Removed for Cleaning

  1. SO I WASN’T ON DRUGS!!! hahaha, I went in August 2003 and it wasn’t there and I was looking at the world showcase and I smacked my friend in the arm and said “woah, Walt really hates Frances, the Eiffel Tower is gone!” and she replied with ” holy [Shnikes] you’re right!”
    and then I came back from teh trip and no one believed me, mostly my other friend because he went down to disneyworld in December 2003 and he was like “it was there, you’re on drugs!”
    wow, that’s kinda funny… no point, but funny, at least I wasn’t on drugs!

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