Google launches “Inside AdWords” Blog

Just a quick note for those of you who are using the popular Google AdWords program to promote your business — or subscribe to AdSense — that Google today announced the launch of Inside AdWords, what looks to be a highly informative weblog.
Google sent out the following announcement to press and analysts…

Google AdWords� News
New Official AdWords Blog

Hello from the Google AdWords Team:
In our ongoing effort to keep you current on all things AdWords, we’ve created “Inside AdWords.” This new blog provides you with the most up-to-date information about AdWords improvements, news, and tips in one location. Our product team updates the site frequently so you’ll know what happens when it happens.
Here are some things you can expect to find in Inside AdWords:
– Updates on enhancements we’ve made to the system
– Thoughts on things that advertisers have been asking about
– Tips on getting the most from AdWords
– Details on tools we think you’ll find useful
You can also receive automatic updates to Inside AdWords via email. Simply subscribe to our mailing list, and we’ll send you the same information we post online to your email inbox. If you’d like to review previous postings to date, visit Inside AdWords today.

Congratulations, Google, on launching what I’m sure is going to be a popular channel for AdWords customers to learn more about the program, how to maximize results, and to get their questions answered too!
For those RSS aggregator fans out there, here’s their Atom feed.

6 comments on “Google launches “Inside AdWords” Blog

  1. Randy, I should be a bit more specific: the announcement of the new weblog was sent to a list that perhaps they hadn’t announced it on before. I certainly hadn’t seen it before. Anyway, you always want to have a blog running for a while before you announce it because there’s nothing more uninteresting than an empty blog…

  2. This is a smart move for google. The more information they make available for their advertisers, the more advertisers are going to spend with the company.

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