Ebert offers funny Windows slam in review

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rogert Ebert, one of my favorite film reviewers, has a quite hilarious anti-Windows commentary in his latest review, of the film Final Destination 2 wherein he writes:

“Soon bad things are happening to good people, in a series of accidents that Rube Goldberg would have considered implausible. In one ingenious sequence, we see a character who almost trips over a lot of toys while carrying a big Macintosh iMac box. In his house, he starts the microwave and lights a fire under a frying pan, then drops his ring down the garbage disposal, then gets his hand trapped in the disposal while the microwave explodes and the frying pan starts a fire, then gets his hand loose, breaks a window that mysteriously slams shut, climbs down a fire escape, falls to the ground and finally, when it seems he is safe … well, everything that could possibly go wrong does, except that he didn’t get a Windows machine.

Go Roger! 🙂

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