Business Blog? Stay Up To Date…

A long-lost colleague emailed me a few days ago about his new startup, telling me that he was excited about their program and tools and was eager for me to check things out. So I did. i went onto their site today – Oct 16 – and poked around.

Turns out that their software is pretty cool and the site looks gorgeous with a nice design touch and elegance I found appealing.

Until I got to the blog and laughed at the irony of the most recent post:


Remember, it’s Oct 16 today. Six weeks later.

Now I don’t expect a company to post blog updates on a daily basis, but this is excessive, and the irony of the post being called “Staying Valid” can’t but jump out.

So here’s a handy tip if you have a portion on your own site that has posting dates displayed: keep up.

Because no-one wants to engage with a business that’s not paying attention to its customers and online community.

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