Talk, talk, talk: upcoming speaking engagements

While it may seem that I spend all my time writing for my weblogs, in fact I do other stuff too, like wrap up my third and fourth book to be published in 2005, consult with some smart business clients and speak at various professional events.
In fact, here’s a partial list of my upcoming speaking engagements…

Blog Business Summit, San Francisco, 17-19 August, 2005.
I’m going to be offering a great Blogging 101 Workshop on the first day – the perfect place to find out what all the buzz is about with business weblogs and how they change everything you think you know about business and corporate structures.

In addition, I’ll be sharing the podium – and probably arguing – with my colleague Robert Scoble of Microsoft in our session “Building Traffic: Posting Isn’t Enough!”

This is going to be a splendid conference, with a phenomenal lineup of top bloggers and communications specialists, a must-attend for everyone, entrepreneurial or within a corporation!

Podcasting Boot Camp, Denver, 21 July
Yes, even after I posted my (mild) screed about why podcasting won’t help promote your business I’ve been asked to join a panel at this Boot Camp to talk about podcasting. It’ll be fun and the da Vinci Institute always put on good workshops too.
Northglenn/Thornton Rotary Club, 19 July
I’ll be giving a short talk on blogs, blogging and the world of RSS feeds. I’ve never been involved with a Rotary Club event before, so this’ll be an interesting experience.
Blog Smart Workshop, Boulder, Colorado
I’ll be offering my popular Business Case for Blogging and How To Blog: Hands On Workshop events at an as-yet undisclosed time early in the Autumn. Interested? Please go to the Blog Smart site and sign up for the Workshop News.
Rocky Mountain Society for Technical Communications, 15 September
A bit further down the road, I’m booked to talk about “writing for the blogosphere” to the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Society for Technical Communications.

I’m a top rated speaker for venues as small as intimate five person seminars and as large as 300+ person all-day workshops. Would you like to have me speak at one of your conferences or events on any aspect of communications and marketing? If so, let’s talk!

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