Cohosting Startup Story Radio tomorrow. Our guest: Ashley Kingsley

What can I say, I really enjoy working radio and since my friend Rob McNealy invited me to co-host Startup Story Radio on Saturdays here in Denver, I’m hooked, especially being in a professional [albeit Clear Channel] studio with real mics, a board, an engineer, and such. Good ambiance.
This week will be a great program with Ashley Kingsley, who is best known as the proprietor of Ashley’s List here in Colorado. You can learn more about her at her blog or MySpace profile, but it’s a sure bet that we’ll get the latest buzz on what’s happening socially here in town.
If you’re in Colorado, you can definitely catch us live on AM 760 from 12-1pm (our usual slot), or you can listen to the radio channel’s stream through this link: listen live to AM760. Four or five days later you can find our audio archive of the program (and, oh, so many more) at our startup story radio’s audio archive.
Listen. Call. Enjoy!

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