Can Oprah pick my book?

Today Oprah Winfrey announced the first book in her resurrected book club, and it was John Steinbeck’s depressing but brilliant East of Eden. As Publishers Weekly says: “The book itself had a fortunate day as well – within the hour, the trade paperback jumped from #2,356,000 to #113 at Amazon, while at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, Ill., the store sold out its stock of 70 copies this morning.” The report continues with the note that “East of Eden sells 40,000 to 50,000 copies in an average year”.

My obvious question, then: how do I get Oprah to pick one of my books anyway? 🙂

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  1. Heh. Apparently by paying them for the honour of having her name on your book cover… *grin* this is all from stuff I heard last year, second-hand about a Canadian author who had his book read by her, they wanted it mentioned, but he would have had to pay lots of $$ to be allowed to put “Oprah picked me” on it. He declined, it was never reviewed… and I’m too lazy right now to find the evidence ;-p

  2. Wow, amazing… Oprah has been called the most powerful woman in America, and now it’s apparently true: She transformed America from a soap-watching nation into a Steinbeck-reading nation. No president has ever topped this! Oprah in ’04! 🙂

  3. I wrote a book called “Dear Nursing Home: Truly, an Angel” (paperback -54 pages) which is on and believe Barnes & Noble is also selling it. I mailed the book to Oprah (of course, I don’t hold my breath on a response) but sometimes I think about what my reaction would be if she did…oh, to die for!

  4. Dave,
    I wrote a book titled “From Addiction To Miracles” that has helped hundreds of people but I truely believe it can help millions if I can get it out to the public. Can you help or show me the way? I can send you a copy or you can get it off the internet. I hope you can help!
    Bill Keck

  5. People are raving about my new book Rovella Starr. Some have even called the story of a beautiful woman who terrorizes others and herself over a childhood tragedy that was really not her fault. When the truth evolves…the question is then, is it too late to save the beautiful, tumultuous, in your face, modern day Scarlett O’Hara, Rovella Starr!
    Boy, my lifelong dream would be for Oprah to have me on her show. They’d have to shut the cameras down; because, I could not stop telling the world about my Rovella. Geez! Oprah could take Rovella right where she belongs to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list.
    Thanking whomever,
    Carol Denise Mitchell
    Author, Creator of

  6. I wanted to see if the book by Carol Denise Mitchell was all the rave…I attended a book signing she had where there was SRO. She sold out of books…Still I had to see for mysel what this Rovella Starr book was all about.
    She’s right. Rovella Starr, is by far the best book of the year! I was negative about reading the book; then I opened it up and simply could not put the book down.
    Who is Carol Denise Mitchell? The world has not heard of her yet. If you’re looking for a review of Rovella Starr from me…You won’t get it. The book is fantastic. Readers will simply have to want to read a book that will tug at all their emotions and more. If you want a good return on your 20 bucks, buy Rovella Starr.
    Thanks Carol. Keep writing.
    Walnut Creek, CA

  7. I just finished my first book titled confessions of a poets heart and i would like for people to buy it how can i get oprah to read it!

  8. How do I sell a “niche” book? It’s about opera. I starred in over 40 operas, but few people have heard of me. It’s my story. You don’t have to be a Pavarotti to be an opera star! I call my book OPERA INSIDE OUT. Several people have told me Oprah would love my story. How do I get it into somebody’s hands who would actually read it?
    Bob Mitchell, Leading Tenor

  9. Hi,
    I would also love a chance to show Oprah my book. “Quiet Desperation” My two-decade struggle with alcoholism and recovery. It is a serious women’s book which began on one tormented night. I thought of drinking again after ten years of sobriety. The only way I stopped the craving is by writing a story my story. The book is based on three models. What Happened? What I was LIke? and What I am like today. Publish America is my publisher. I am not a feminist yet I know there are countless women quietly drinking, with little resources, shame, guilt and family ties keep them at bay. I want to know the faces of the people in recovery and those who having found a way home just yet. Please advise.
    Felicia Ford

  10. My book “Looking back in time” is nearly finished, its about my troubled childhood in and out of foster and care homes all my life. My childhood was stolen by social services, I belonged to them. I have survived the care system were others have sadly failed. My book will be available at the end of March-April 2010. “LOOKING BACK IN TIME” BY KEVIN SLATER.

  11. I WANT TO SEND THE BOOK I WROTE TO OPERA’S BOOK COMPANY. Please give me an address where I can
    mail by new book entitled: “Light of Heaven.” Michael F. Bell, Sr.

  12. My new book, “Growing Up Doughnut” just hit and is soon to debut on Barnes and Noble. The book is about a simple man in simple times and how he grows up with optimism. Oprah…are you reading?

  13. Dave, I’m a first writer,I have been talking to publishers, and they seem to want money first, I’m on on a fix income, I don’t know who to trust, I assume publishers look at your work first and pay you, also how can I get my book on the oprah club, my book will be completed in three months, thanks ellen scott

  14. Ellen, you really need to learn more about publishing before you pay a nickel to anyone. What I strongly suggest is that you go to the public library and read the last few issues of “Writer’s Digest”. They cover a lot of these topics for you…

  15. My book “Breathe a Jack Edwards Novel” by Chuck Duncan focuses on the inequitable way blacks were treated in Phoenix, arizona in the mid 1960’s. Violence, corruption and hatred fill the pages with a fast moving story. Forbidden interracial love ignites a whole new level of tragic events. Corrupt politians, Judges and self serving community leaders create an environment where no one is safe. A two hundred year old vigilante organization rises to fill the void left by an ineffective judical. Law enforcement looks the other way as this group takes care of societies worst as they fall through the cracks. This multi layer story comes together at the end, but leaves the door open for the sequel “Mothers”.

  16. i would like to know how i can get my first book to Ms.Oprah. it was recently published and it is a excellent book, about how i met my wife,when we fell in love and got married had children how i nursed her for 15 years with breast cancer while working 2 jobs and taking care of 2 girls and 2 boys also while driving for dial-a-ride for 32 years.Please give it a chance all i ask is that you read the book, please let me know how and where to send a copy. Thank you, sincerely Mr. Eddie Petitt Jr. 52 McIntosh Road North Stamford, Ct. 06903 (203) 968-2821 cell-(203) 918-7735

  17. “Light of Heaven,” is based mostly on actual life situations and happenings. Yes, it does have a “religious” theme. The author has brought sincere feelings to life in this worthwhile book.

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