Amazon Sales Rank: 25

In case you don’t think that online venues can affect sales, the review of my book Wicked Cool Shell Scripts has generated sufficient additional traffic and interest that my book now has an Amazon Sales Rank: 25. That’s amazing for a computer book – it means that of the millions of different things for sale at (including not only books, but music, DVDs, and more), my book is currently selling briskly enough to be in the top twenty five. As my friend Jake L. would say, “Sweet!”

Just as interestingly, the traffic on Google Adwords shows a remarkable spike too…

Usually, my pages that have Google Adwords on them (which doesn’t include the home page for my weblog nor most of my main pages) see about 4000-5000 visits/day, but yesterday, the slashdot effect hit and Google recorded over 32,000 advert views! Today I’m still seeing the bleedover and I’ve already shown up about 4500 advert pages, which puts me on track to have another record traffic day.

And if you haven’t yet purchased a copy of my book, well, what are you waiting for? 🙂

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