Your invitation to attend my upcoming business blogging workshop

[Executive Summary: BlogSmart one day hands-on business blogging workshop in Denver, Colorado, 10 December. Limited seating, please use code “blog” to save $25 on registration: register now at] Most of you reading this weblog (or its RSS feed) are very focused on maximizing your market communications channels and the future of business, but few of you have taken the plunge and learned how to create, maintain and build a truly world-class business blog. You know that you should, though, because you know that a well written weblog can really help you take your business or practice to the next level.
I’ve been in the trenches figuring all of this out for years now, and am now a nationally recognized expert on business blogging, with two of my weblogs in the latest Feedster 500 and frequent links from top sites like BusinessWeek, Fortune and even the BBC. Indeed, not a week goes by without a media query for an interview, on air or off. And all without a dime of marketing or advertising, just a steady focus on sharing my views and perspective on important business and industry discussions.
If you are interested in visiting beautiful Colorado as we move into winter (and yes, there’s already some great skiing in the Rockies this year) then you’ll be glad to learn that I’m offering a full-day business blogging workshop in downtown Denver on December 10th, and I’d love for you, my faithful reader, to join me!
There’s limited seating at the venue (in fact, there are ten only seven! seats left) and I really want to encourage you to arm yourself with expert knowledge and insider tips for your blogging efforts, so I’m offering readers of this weblog a $25 discount on the full-day registration fee. Simply use “blog” as your discount code.
Now, quickly, while there’s still space left, register online for this workshop at Blog
Here’s a bit more about the workshop, if you’re still unsure whether it’d be the right step for your company…

If your company already has a weblog, you’ll want to attend so you can learn all the insider tips and tricks that ensure your weblog gains maximal visibility.
Don’t have a weblog yet? If you don’t yet have a weblog, think it’s only for Internet companies or just don’t know how to get started, this is a perfect venue.
From beginners to experts, everyone’s sure to get quite a lot out of attending.
About the Speaker
For those of you who haven’t attended one of my talks or workshops, I’m a dynamic and engaging speaker who is consistently the highest rated presenter at venues.
Previous attendees to this BlogSmart workshop have raved for weeks about it, sharing how their businesses improved dramatically. Here’s what previous attendee C. Hilty said: “This seminar should be required for all new online companies, or any company interested in the public’s opinion of their products or services.”
Still not convinced, but thinking about attending anyway? Why not drop me an email asking me for more information on how this workshop can help you with your business?
Whether you get started with one of my workshops, get motivated by reading my top-rated Growing Your Business with Google or get involved with one of the other blogging experts, don’t just sit there, for goodness sake! Jump in and get started. Your shareholders will thank you.

2 comments on “Your invitation to attend my upcoming business blogging workshop

  1. You mention putting comments into a blog with a link to start a discussion. Its unclear to me how to evaluate the “weight” and relevance of links. In fact, I have a whole blog of unanswered intermediate level marketing questions. It supports my primary business which is a service providing children’s education online for preschool, elementary, and middle school.

  2. Blogging everyday and reading blogs, learning about best practices and how to blog is part of my daily routine. I was not sure if I would really learn anything new attending a beginner blogging class. I already know why it makes sence for a business to blog and I had pretty well figured out some of the basics already.
    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! We always have new things to learn when we hear a seminar by someone who has so much experience online and blogging. I came away with lots of new information to add to my toolbox. Dave was an enlightening and informative speaker with some great �here is what you do� ideas. He commanded the full attention of the small group when he opened his comments by talking about �Findability.� Not a word you will find in your Oxford English dictionary but one to take note of and understand if you have a business. If you get a chance to attend this seminar when held in the future you will come away with all kinds of sound business advice for blogging.

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