Are you heading to the Affiliate Summit in January?

I’m booked to attend the upcoming Affiliate Summit 2006 in Las Vegas early in January of next year, which makes sense since I’m actually going to be offering an information and insider-tip filled workshop on Exploding Your Business with Blogging! 🙂
Here’s how I describe the workshop:
Learn from a top-rated business blogger exactly what the blogging phenomenon is all about and how a weblog can help you gain control of your Web content, improve your search engine ranking and sales. This workshop will help you identify topics you should write about on your blog, how to identify and interact with other bloggers in your market segment, and how to write smart, effective blog entries and comments on other weblogs that will gain you attention and links. You�ll learn about all of the following:
• Why is your home page obsolete?
• The real definitions of RSS, Ping, Trackback, and the Blogosphere
• How you can use blogs for customer and market intelligence
• Blogging as a guerilla marketing and PR strategy
• Improving customer loyalty
• Casting a wider net in your marketplace
• Creating a sustainable differentiator for your company
• The cornerstones of blogging: credibility and expertise
• Comparing blogging tools and solutions
• Writing a simple blog entry
• Must-Know Blogging Techniques and Pitfalls
• The future of findability
And much more, including dozens of blogging insider tips and techniques that will help you transform your business into a powerhouse in the new, content-based Web.

Sound good? It should, and it’s a heck of a great excuse to come out to Las Vegas for a fun-filled weekend and attend the full Affiliate Summit event.
And based on the speaker lineup, it’s going to be pure dynamite for anyone involved with online marketing or sales, even if you’re not involved with any affiliate programs!
Just skimming through, I’m thrilled to see so many of my friends in the lineup, including:
Jeff Barr, Web Services Evangelist for,
Joel Comm, AdSense guru,
Brad Fallon, SEO guru and host of SEO Radio,
Anne Holland, the genius behind MarketingSherpa,
Jim Kukral, pubilsher of ReveNews,
Dan Murray, of Ravenwood Marketing,
And, last but most assuredly not least, Shawn Collins, who is pulling this entire shindig together for all of us.
With this many smart people in one place, I am confident we’ll be having some amazing conversations in the conference rooms, at meals, in the bar after hours and around a craps table, since it’s Vegas.
If you’re even vaguely interested in learning about affiliate marketing or online marketing strategies, you owe it to yourself to book now for this conference (Shawn tells me that it’s selling out fast!), and don’t forget to sign up for my blogging workshop too!
And if you are planning on attending, let me know and I’ll do my best to include you in some of our after-hours partying and social activities!

2 comments on “Are you heading to the Affiliate Summit in January?

  1. Hi Dave!
    Your workshop on blogging was awesome! It was so great to meet you at Affiliate Summit, and your class has changed the way I’m building sites. I’ve mentioned on my Blog that there was nothing Eath-shattering at Affiliate Summit for me, but that’s not exactly true. There’s nothing earth-shattering… yet. Your class was ceiling shattering (meaning the ceiling on my income that never really existed, left my mind). Earth-shattering will come when I put your suggestions to work for me and get some great results.
    Anyway, I’m glad you’re near where I live, and I look forward to working with you (and picking your brain)!
    Jonathan Kraft
    …Among others…

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