Why do AdWords advertisers target so poorly?

I’m digging around on Google trying to ascertain where my sister’s new site, doll street dreamers, a site that’s been focused on doll classes and Googled the phrase “doll classes” to see where it ranked.
Unfortunately, it’s not yet on that first page (we’ll work on it!) but check out the adverts that appeared on a search for doll classes:

Bad AdWords Targeting

I am not surprised when one or two ads in a set of ads is poorly targeted, but I’ve never seen a situation where all of the ads are mistargeted for the search!
Note particularly the very last match. Mortgage refinancing for “doll classes”? What on earth is this company thinking??

One comment on “Why do AdWords advertisers target so poorly?

  1. Its a common misconception of many publishers. The fact that we know at some microlevel of targeting what a site is about doesn’t mean that a directly relevant advertiser is available or able to convert the traffic better then massive advertisers and lead gen companies that are good at converting and monetizing remnant traffic. Small advertisers tend to stick to search only traffic and google sells most of the cheap traffic to mortgage, edu, “win a laptop”, and ringtone, type affiliate advertisers, because their monetization schemes are better at getting clicks and generating revenue for google and themselves.

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