Why all the buzz about weblogs and RSS?

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be giving a talk next Tuesday night at the Boulder-based Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group meeting on Weblogs, RSS and Content Management. As I’ve written about here before, I strongly believe that one of the very best things about a weblog is that it makes an easy and quite flexible content management system, and that’s what I’ll be discussing.

I might also mention that there’s an entire chapter on weblogs as content management systems in my book Creating Cool Web Sites with HTML, XHTML and CSS, but, then again, maybe not. 🙂

There’s more to blogs and RSS than that they’re facets of a useful content management system, though, because they’re also the dynamic duo, particularly when coupled with a good RSS reader (also know as a ‘news aggregator’ or ‘rss aggregator’). If you produce a weblog that has RSS feed data, then hundreds – or thousands – of people can then keep track of your writing and instantly know about your new entries without ever having to point their Web browser at your site.

Very cool stuff!

So cool that a very nice RSS reader is built in to the next generation of Apple’s Safari web browser, showing up on a Mac near you when Tiger ships, and that RSS readers can be integrated into a variety of other apps, including Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Which begs the question: what feeds should you be tracking with your newfangled RSS reader/aggregator anyway? If you’re an RMIUG member especially, here’s your chance to share a few URLs with the public at large: simply post a response to this thread listing just a few of your favorite Weblogs, their URLs, main topic, and why you like them so much!

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