Like my weblog? Vote it up at Bloghop!

Weblogs are some of the most innovative uses of ‘net technology that I’m aware of currently, and among the various blogrings, blog directories and even ‘best of’ blog directories there’s one that allows visitors to vote on the quality and content of each weblog in their directory: bloghop.

And so…. if you think this weblog is a good use of electrons, disk space, and your own time and energy, please do me a favor and
— click here —
so that my ranking goes up and more people get to bump into my blog!

Oh yes, and if you’d rather shoot an arrow into my heart, um, give me a less than good rating, you can easily scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on the amber or red smiley face icons (they’re tiny) to cast that vote instead. But you wouldn’t really want me to collapse in a heap of gibbering flesh, would you? 🙂

Either way, thanks for checking this out!

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