When did Gmail lose its invite feature?

Just got a request for a Google Gmail invitation after a month or two of no requests of this nature – doubtless because people can just go to the Gmail home page and sign up – and am surprised that there’s no longer a “invite sender to Gmail” link:

Google Gmail: No Invite

There’s still the “invite a friend” box on the left column, but now I have to actually dig up their email address from the header and – gasp – cut and paste it. So much work. 🙂
Did this vanish recently, or has it been gone a long time?

One comment on “When did Gmail lose its invite feature?

  1. Must have been very recently, like in the past 1-2 days. I specifically remember seeing the “invite to gmail” link after sending an email to a non-gmail user about 1-2 days ago, and it doesn’t happen now. I was wondering if they were ever going to do away with the invites since anybody has been able to sign up for quite some time now.
    I still have the invites on the front page. I have 98 available, I had 100 and gave two away a long time ago before registration was open.

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