How do you categorize yourself?

I’m signing up for Orkut, a “friendster”/”Ryze”-like networking service that’s gotten some publicity because its creator is a member of the Google team and I’m finding that the Personal profiling section is amusing. Questions on the survey include…

Body Art?
strategically placed tattoo, visible tattoo, pierced ears, pierced tongue, other piercing, and navel ring
beauty contest winner, very attractive, attractive, average, mirror-cracking material
Best Feature?
eyes, hair, lips, neck, arms, hands, chest, belly button, butt, legs, calves, feet, and not on the list

There are more questions, but I am just really interested in this sort of survey because I can really imagine people having a very skewed perception of themselves, either considering themselves “mirror-cracking material” when they’re actually quite attractive, or considering themselves “beauty contest winner” when in fact they’d only win the contest if there weren’t any other entries!

Be that as it may, Orkut looks pretty interesting, though it’s an invitation only network: if you want to check it out, email me and if I know you, I’ll invite you! 🙂

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