Video interview with Bill Vick: Social Media and Searching for a Job

I had the pleasure to spend some time talking with Bill Vick of Xtreme Recruiting.TV, talking about social networking, new media, and recruiting. Here it is:

Dave Taylor - Technical and business expert, Internet wizard

What’s interesting is that we recorded this by utilizing Skype Video conferencing and on my end, I was using the video camera built in to my Macbook Air. No advanced tech, no $700 studio lights, and, as you can see, no set either (that’s my living room fan in the background). Nonetheless, pretty good, pretty darn good.

2 comments on “Video interview with Bill Vick: Social Media and Searching for a Job

  1. I enjoyed the interview. I like the way you did it with a Skype conference call – very innovative! So true what you said about the ‘company Christmas party’! It’s a fine line we walk, in these conversations and social interactions we’re having with each other! Thanks for posting the video!

  2. Hello Dave: I just finished transcribing all the interviews for The Social Media Bible, . I became part of the team virtually; I am a virtual transcriptionist. I only mention this as a testament to the power of social media, or as I like to call this combo, Social Media �. I thought you would have an interest in the way social media impacted me this way.

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