Toyota Prius insider tip: saving money on your extended warranty

I bought a 2004 Toyota Prius almost a year ago now, sat on the waiting list for months and months, and finally got a ride into John Elway Toyota of Denver, Colorado to complete the paperwork and pick up my new vehicle.

The price wasn’t negotiable, so the transaction should have been easy and straightforward, and it was. Until we got to the extended warranty…

The thing is, with a major redesign for the 2004 model and an overall hybrid design that hasn’t yet been in the field for five years, I was a bit anxious about the long-term reliability of the entire (quite complex) electrical system on the Prius, so I really did want an extended warranty.

Turns out that John Elway Toyota is part of AutoNation, so their spiel is that everything’s already at the bottom price they can go, and that it’s all a good deal because, well, they sell lots of cars and you should trust them. Yeah. Trust a car dealership.

The seven year, 75,000 mile, zero deductible extended warranty was what I was interested in, and they showed me an invoice for about $2000 for this addition, but could discount it to $1750.

Okay, I say, let’s do it. We wrote up the paperwork, I signed it, and drove home in my new Prius, the most wonderful car I’ve ever owned.

That night I got curious and poked around on the net, to see how much extended warranties should cost. What I found out surprised the heck out of me: you can buy an extended warranty from any authorized Toyota dealership in the United States, at any time before the standard warranty expires.

Further research produced a bunch of different salespeople at Toyota dealerships around the United States, folk who would be happy to sell an extended warranty at a significant discount.

On a whim, I called Troy Dietrich at Toyota of Greenfield (Massachusetts) and asked him about how much his dealership would charge me for an extended warranty on a 2004 Toyota Prius. His quoted price: $750.

Wow! I was floored, and the next morning I called John Elway Toyota and said I’d changed my mind about the extended warranty and needed to have them rewrite all the paperwork. They grumbled, but they did, and that afternoon I went back to the dealership and signed the new paperwork, sans warranty.

Finally, a few months later (since there was no rush), I called up Troy and this time he said that it’d cost me $690.00 for the 7/75/0 warranty on my Prius. I said “you got a deal!” and faxed him a signed mileage statement, a copy of my vehicle registration (including the all-important vehicle identification number, the VIN), and my contact information.

Three weeks later, I received my extended warranty from Toyota corporate and was darn pleased with myself for saving $1060 on my warranty.

If you’re in the same situation with a newly-purchased car, I encourage you to call a few out-of-state dealers to see if they’ll sell you a factory extended warranty for less than your dealer. If you have a Toyota, you’re also welcome to call Troy Dietrich at (413) 772-0231. Tell him “Dave Taylor sent me”. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Dave. I will give Troy a call tomorrow. I checked tonight, and they are offering $600 off the list price for my 2005 Camry.

  2. Well, thanks to Dave Taylor, I’ve saved a ton of money. When one has to pay MSRP, one doesn’t want to pay through the nose on other things. I took his word and got in touch with Troy Dietrich. Guess what, ca ching, a warranty that’s afforable to the general public. So easy, just read and do what Dave says. Troy will give you the same deal as Dave. We as Prius owners know that technology comes with some disadvantages (ie: parts replacements plus labor) so why not cover yourself and get a warranty that’s through Toyota Motor Corporation. Listen to Dave and go to Troy for the best price.

  3. Dave
    Thanks for the tip on the Toyota warranty. Now I can postpone buying for 3 years or 36,000 miles and then I’ll save several hundred dollars. Nothing like the Internet for getting info the dealer won’t disclose. Neat spam trap, has any automated system solved it yet?
    Hank WD5JFR

  4. So our dealer sold us his warranty at a “discount” if we bought LoJack and Theft Guard in a “package”. Will Troy offer these features as well – or are they really needed? We live in Texas……

  5. I have no idea what Troy will or won’t offer you, Syndi, but I’d say that it’s sure worth a call, however. Just remember, everything your dealer sells you has a significant markup, so even if they offer you a good price on the warranty, the LoJack might be 4x regular retail pricing…

  6. I skippped the dealer warrantee on my 2005 prius at close to $1500 and got a three year extended warrantee from my credit union for just under $500. They also financed the car at 4.25%. It does pay to shop around.

  7. I bought my 2006 Prius in March. I wanted to 7 yr/ 100K mile/ no deductible plan. The dealer told me he was “giving me a BIG discount” at $1,910. When I got home, I went online
    and found that Toyota’s MSRP for the plan was $1,650!!!! Then I surfed around, found Troy Deitrich’s name, and contacted him. He sold it to me, hassel-free, for $990. I got the paperwork from Toyota in less than 2 weeks. Troy Deitrich is the man to call if you want a the extended warranty at rock-bottom price.

  8. Dave,
    Thank you for the tip. Troy Dietrich gave the best warranty and service deal for my 2006 Prius. Troy was friendly, fast, professional and his price for the platinum 75k miles extended warranty and prepaid maintenance program was $1500 less than Toyota Santa Monica. The Santa Monica dealer did give me $10k trade-in on my 2001 Prius with 75k miles, in fair condition but the air conditioner was not working.
    Joel Davidson, Culver City, California

  9. Greetings Dave,
    After driving a 2004 Prius for almost three years, which my wife now drives, I recently got a new Highlander Hybrid 4WD and shopped around for a Toyota 7yr/100K/0-ded extended warranty. The best prices I was quoted were from Troy ($990) at Greenfield Toyota (CT) and Jake Sacks ($970) at Crown Toyota (Lawrence, KS). I went with Crown because it is closer to my home and their warranty rep was very responsive.
    Thanks to your website, it gave me the leads I needed.
    Regards, John

  10. Dave, you’re a smart guy. I am shopping for an ’07 Prius right now. What would you consider a good deal? Demand is lower than supply for the first time in Prius history. What do you think?

  11. Bought a Prius Touring Ed. just a few days ago, from a Cincinnati dealer. The extended warranty bid on 7 years/100000 miles/0 deductible from the dealer came in at a whopping $1290, even though I had said I was soliciting multiple bids. Neil Hull at Crown Auto came in with the lowest bid, at $949 and I bought it from him. All was done very smoothly via phone and email. My thanks to everyone who had something to do with the existence and contents of this website.

  12. I just bought my extended warranty from Crown Automotive too. Lowest priced and no hidden fees like two other bids I received. Neil pointed me to and after the good read I bought.
    Thanks to all who contributed to this site. It’s a great wealth of information.
    R. D.

  13. Thanks, Dave. Once again you have proved the value of Al Gore’s “information superhighway.” I was quoted $1595 for the 7/100 plan, but a special cost price, (because I was a “friend” of the Finance Manager) could be had for $1295! Fortunately, your website referred me to a stranger that I didn’t know from Adam, Tony Dietrich, who sold me the same plan for $990. As the old saying goes: “with friends like these, who needs enemies?”

  14. New to this blog. Looking to buy a Prius in Austin,TX and wanting to buy an extended warranty at a good price. Does Troy Dietrich sell warranties that are honored by the dealers in Austin, Texas or just by his dealership?

  15. Just bought a 2007 Prius in Clearwater, Florida. Afer 3 hours of negotiation we were at $50 below invoice although they had advertized $500 “below invoice”-apparently their invoice is different from that published at and How do you buy an extended warranty in Florida if not from the dealer? For some reason, Florida is one of a few states that does not allow for this purchase out of state.

  16. Just bought a 2007 Prius in Clearwater, Florida. Afer 3 hours of negotiation we were at $50 below invoice although they had advertized $500 “below invoice”-apparently their invoice is different from that published at and How do you buy an extended warranty in Florida if not from the dealer? For some reason, Florida is one of a few states that does not allow for this purchase out of state.

  17. We have purchased a 2007 Prius and were offered an extended warranty for $2495 from the dealer. I’m extremely interested in a much better deal from the guy in Massachusetts.
    Is Troy still in business?

  18. I just bought a 07 Pruis.When we finally hammered out the deal, and sat down to do the final paperwork,he had added the extended warrentee without even asking me if I wanted it. $1325,00. I said why did you add that in without my agreeing to it. He said because ITS SUCH A GREAT DEAL I KNEW YOU WOULD WANT IT. I told him I was going shopping for it online. He rared back and said Oh I encourage you to shop, cause I know I have given you the best deal there is out there. He also said that if I found a better deal he would subtract the cost from the contract, Well I can’t wait to tell him how much of a better deal I got from Troy, and rub it in. Thanks for your information you saved me lots of moo la!

  19. Just bought my 2007 Prius (package 5 and with floor mats, cargo mat/nets, & first aid kit for $28,000 OUT THE DOOR (Toyota of Chula Vista). But I wanted feedback from other owners about how faint the illumination is on the steering wheel controls. I can barely see them. Can that be adjusted? The dealer said no. I also wanted feedback as to why my battery indicator on the INFO screen never fills in the very top slice of the indicator bucket. Is that normal? Lastly, thanks for the warranty discussion. About Low Jack, a trusted friend who knows a lot about stolen cars still feels the best product for the money out there is “THE CLUB”.

  20. THANK YOU!!!
    I saved $875. Was ready to pay my local dealer $1700. I called Troy and the entire transaction took five minutes. I knew the dealers had a large profit but never imagined it was this much.

  21. I purchased a used 2005 Prius, 30k miles on it, and they said I had to purchase the warranty at the time of purchase. Is this true for certified used vehicles?

  22. I have your blog to thank for saving us a great deal of money on the Platinum Extended Care which was offered to us for $3400 at “fleet prices” where we bought the 2007 car. After checking on the Internet, we were furious and asked for our money back.’s suggested retail price was $1200.
    Then I read about Troy Dietrich’s operation in Michigan at a Toyota dealership .
    Bottom line: We spent $695.00 for the Toyota Platinum Extra Care policy, 7 yr/75,000 mi/$0 deductible for our new Prius.
    DO YOU REALIZE THAT YOUR BLOG AND TROY DIETRICH SAVED US $2,705.OO? Bless you all and the Internet, too.
    To be fair, I’ll admit that the original dealer ended up offering us the policy at cost…AFTER we confronted them with the facts. However, I didn’t want to do business with them by then. I guess one Finance officer is “no longer with them”, possibly for his “mistake” in dealing with us.
    There’s a moral here somewhere, but I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out.

  23. Glad to hear of your great experience, Coleen, and that this blog helped you be a more informed consumer. I have to say, though, that I am highly skeptical that anyone in finance even got in trouble, let alone being fired. I think that’s just another of the many lies you hear at a car dealership…

  24. I hear alot about everyone buying extended warranties but wonder, are they worth having?
    Should the car, especially known for reliability, last for 75K miles? I am trying to figure out if the extended warranty is needed?
    Thanks to anyone for their opinion.

  25. Paco – who did you buy the Prius from at (Toyota of Chula Vista)? You paid $28,000 out the door including all the options you mentioned and tax? You need to let me know the person that sold you the car so I can go out and buy one for the same price, that is a great deal. Please let me know…thanks!!

  26. My husband and I also just bought a 2007 Prius. We too are wondering about the need for an extended warranty like Juanita mentioned on a May 5th blog.
    Any ideas?

  27. Paco: I have been shopping for 07 loaded Prius in the San Diego area. Most are around $28,000 out the door.

  28. I bought from Troy too … $990. Waiting for the official paperwork from Toyota. My dealer in Clinton, NJ tried to sell it to me for $1650 .. when I told her Troy’s price she said that was $100 less than *they* pay for it. Who knows?! I bought a white 2007 Touring Prius with package #3 for $27,500 out the door (taxes, etc. included). I think that’s an OK price – anyone know? We were just so happy to get the Touring model which is worth a heck of a lot more than the $900 or so (only 5% are touring, brand new to 2007).

  29. I saw Troy also, but his plea to keep his name and process secret seemed very suspect. If every Toyota dealership does not know about him by now then apparently Toyota dealers never heard of google.

  30. I just bought a seaside pearl, package 6 through Cars Direct for 26,000+tax. A really nice woman, Maureen, looked all over for 3 days to find the color we wanted (it probably didn’t help that we changed our minds a couple of times). She offered us an extended warranty “at wholesale” from a company called Century Warranty Service. It was $799 for 6 years with a $100 deductible that covers nearly everything. But it would start now and only truly extend 3 years. This seems not nearly as good as Troy Dietrich’s deal. Oh and of course I have to decide in the next day or two. Any advice? Thanks

  31. I am thinking of buying a 2005 Prius. Is it possible to buy the extended warranty from Toyota (I suppose this guy Troy everyone talks about) as a second owner? If not, I could probably get the owner to do so before she sells. Is it transferable? What about the service agreements? Are they part of the warranty or separate> Are they worhtwhile?

  32. Hello to all….although I don’t own a Prius, but a Camry Hybrid, I decided to call Crown Toyota in Lawrence, Kansas. Troy is no longer there but Travis Simpson helped me with a extended warranty that my local dealer, that I purchased the vehicle from, couldn’t or should I say wouldn’t match. If you want fast excellent service and a extended warranty that not many can match, call Travis Simpson at 785-893-2708. I cannot say enough good things about Travis…

  33. I also had a good transacation with Crown Toyota in Lawrence, KS. The old internet sales manager Ron is back and took just as good care of us as ever.He qouted me a 7yr/100k for $595 or the 7yr/100k for $940. He faxed me the contract 20 min after we talked. Great price great service. or 785-917-9021

  34. I bought a used 06 Toyota Highlander 2wd hybrid with 31K miles. I have been quoted from the local dealer a cost of $1390 for a 7yr/100k $0 deductible warranty from Toyota. I called Travis at Crown automotive and got the same thing for $940. Unbelievable how much you can save by looking around on the net!!
    Thanks for the help.

  35. I bought a 2008 #5 package yesterday and paid $1800 for the extended warranty. I’m calling Troy & Travis today and also calling the dealership to return the warranty. Thanks Dave Taylor.

  36. Thanks Dave!
    After calling around and getting quotes on the extended warranty for my new Camry Hybrid, Neil at Molle Toyota came in with the best deal. I saved over $1600 versus buying it at Superior Toyota. Neil answered all my questions and I learned alot about the benifits. Great customer service and quick turn around. I didn’t have to fax anything like the other places wanted me too.
    His contact is 785 217 3212
    Thanks again!

  37. I bought an Avalon not a Prius but a search online lead me to this site. I read about Troy Dietrich and the satisfied clients he’s made so I decided to give him a call. My dealer wanted about $1,600 for the Platinum “0” deductable 7 yrs/75,000mi warranty. Troy was able to get the Toyota Platinum, “0” deductable coverage for $695.
    I was a little leary about this but any search I did revealed no unhappy reviews of Troy’s. I purchased the warranty and Troy mailed the reciept and Toyota Warranty application he sent in to Toyota with the payment.
    I recieved the Platimun warranty from Toyota today. Thanks Troy!
    I’m very glad I found this and other sites with extended care warranty info.

  38. I am so glad I found this site! I called all the above and Neil with Molle Toyota came in with the best price and prompt returned answers. I bought an 08 prius package 2 and got the 7/100K/0 Extended care plan for much less than the above prices. I have cancelled the plan I bought at my dealership and saved hundreds.
    Thanks Dave!!!!!!!

  39. Be sure to read the fine print on your extended warranty, especially if you wait until just before the factory warranty expires. I recently found out that my extended warranty began the date the car was bought NOT the date from which I purchased the warranty. In essence, I paid $1800 for a warranty that completely overlapped the factory warranty and expired 3 years after the factory warranty expired versus 7 years from the date of purchase of the extended warranty. Just a word to the wise.
    Thanks Dave.

  40. The extended service plan is an extension of the original warranty. I agree the naming is a little confusing. The 7 year plan you purchased extended your original plan by four years.
    The only Toyota warranty that actually starts the day you buy it is the Used Vehicle plans. These cost more and can only be purchased at the selling dealership at the time of purchase. They are the exact same plan as the new vehicle plans and include the lodging, rental car, roadside assistance, and towing benefits.
    Before purchasing the extended care plan on your Toyota vehicles, which you have up to 36 months, or 36K to do, be sure to shop around for the best prices either locally or online.
    I hear so many stories about dealerships that tell customers if they don’t buy the plan when they buy the vehicle that the price will cost more later because it will be considered a used vehicle.
    The vehicle qualifies for the new vehicle plan as long as it has not exceeded the 36 months or 36K in mileage regardless of how many people have purchased the vehicle, or where you bought it. As long as it meets the 36M/36K criteria you can walk into or shop any Toyota dealership for the extended care plan.
    You can buy your extended care plan from any Toyota dealership. They are good at any participating Toyota dealership in the U.S. or Canada.
    My website has many frequently asked questions and lots of helpful information about Toyota value added services.
    Feel free to contact me for any questions or help in finding the best plan at the best prices for your Toyota, Lexus, or Scion vehicle.
    Neil Hull CIO
    785 217 3212 Cell
    816 942 5200 Ext 139

  41. I just bought a 2008 Prius on Sat 1/5/08. The finance person first offered the Toyota Platinum Extra Care (7 yrs/100k miles/0 ded) for $2200. I said no thank you. He asked why. I said I’m sure I can get it much less elsewhere. Blah, blah, blah–he came down to $1000. I still said no thank you. As soon as I got home I called Neil Hull at Molle Toyota and got the same for $960. Emailed Neill all the info he needed; talked in person today; all done. Thanks so much!

  42. My mother just bought 2008 Prius. While she is really happy with the car, she had a very bad experience with Smart Motors on Odana Road, Madison, WI regarding the extended warranty. They overcharged her by $1,350.00 compared to other dealerships.
    It is not fun to feel cheated and that someone took advantage of you.
    She was charged $2,318.00 for a 7 year, 100,000 mile, $0.00 deductible extended service warranty. As noted again, and again, in this blog, it took very little internet research to find the exact same Platinum coverage plan, provided by the exact same company (Toyota Financial Services (TFS)) for $965.00. (Thanks Neil H.)
    Shame, Shame, Shame on Smart Motors for the usurious pricing. When I confronted them on the price they told me their cost for the plan was $900.00. They asked me how much I thought their profit should be. Since all they have to do to sell the package is to fill out a form and forward it to TFS, I think the answer is considerably below $1,350.00- Especially since it is readily available from other dealerships for $65.00 above cost.
    Of course, we are cancelling the plan purchased through Smart Motors, but the way they took advantage of my 75 year old mother on this item makes me wonder about every aspect of the sale. They have lost all credibility with us. It is no wonder they can afford their magnificent new building. It is being paid for by grossly overcharging retired school librarians and others.

  43. I just purchased a beautiful Prius 2008 Package #2 for $27,000 (not including taxes and license).
    Yes, I took the bait and purchased the extended warranty 7 year 100,00o for $1,950. It was offered to me for $2,200. But I got screwed. I am contacting Neil Hull to purchase the warranty through him. Thanks!

  44. Just bought a new 2008 Prius Package #3 at Boch Toyota for $22,800 (before taxes – got it delivered to NH so didn’t pay any). Then, I bought a 5 year / 100,000 mile warranty for another $1,270 – I think I paid a little more than I should have but the incredible deal they gave me on the car makes me feel a little better. Still probably will call today and get the same warranty you all are getting for $960! Highly recommend Boch – no hassling for car prices and they are the cheapest by a mile in Mass.


  46. Here is another twist to the extended warranty. I am buying a Prius with packae #2 in Bellingham. The dealership is offering the 7 year, 75,000 mile warranty for $2250 – BUT – they offer to REFUND THE FULL EXTENDED WARRANTY PRICE if you never use it!!!!
    They showed me cheques and letters sent to previous buyers, who were now getting there refunds, so it seems like they do deliver.
    Question is, it still worth it? I could wait until into the third year of ownership and go buy it then, at less that $1000, but without the refund – based on what I have read here.
    Has anyone else come across this rebate thing, and what do you think of it??
    Many thanks, Tony Brearley

  47. Thanks Dave Taylor. I just received my Toyota VSA. Troy Dietrich saved us beau coup money. Our Dealer in Texas was severely overpriced. Troy quickly processed our request for the Platinum, 7yr, 100k, 0 deductible service agreement priced at $990.00. There was no bargaining and Troy delivered as promised. I will call Troy Dietrich @ Toyota of Greenfield, Ma. on my next Toyota VSA purchase.

  48. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
    Troy is such a nice guy, helped me right away, and saved me $1,000 on a 2008 Prius extended warranty. Got all the paperwork in the mail from Toyota in less than two weeks.
    I will recommend him to all my friends. I hope he gets paid well, because he deserves it :).
    Thank you again,

  49. If you buy a warranty from Troy in CT, do you have to take the car there to follow up on the warranty?
    I assume you can go to your local Toyota…but I’m thinking you might not get the best service if you back out of their warranty??
    Also, I bought my Prius in March. It is now May, can I still “return my warranty” and get one from Troy?

  50. I just saved $890.00 by purchasing my extended warranty through Molle Toyota located in Kansas City, MO (I live in the very small coastal community of Florene, Oregon). I recently purchased a new Toyota Prius Touring model and was shopping around for a Toyota Extended Warranty Plan (the top-of-the-line Platinum Level). After reading the comments here, I decided to contact Mr. Neil Hull at Molle Toyota, and am I glad I did. From my first contact with him to the the time I had my Toyota Financial Services Platinum Warranty in-hand was less than two weeks. THE COST OF THIS WARRANTY WAS $960.00–COMPLETE. I am a skeptic and do not trust anyone but, in this case, I have to admit that Neil Hull is a professional in every respect. IF YOU ARE IN THE MARKET FOR AN EXTENDED WARRANTY FOR YOUR TOYOTA, YOU WOULD BE A FOOL NOT TO CONTACT MR. HULL (1-877-466-6553). I now have peace of mind, and the satisfaction of knowing I got the best possible price on the best Toyota extended service plan available. Thank you to all of you who posted this information on this blog which allowed me to first contact, and then deal with Mr. Hull. THANK YOU SO MUCH NEIL!!!

  51. Has anyone acutally had to use this extended warranty? And, is it accepted as advertised at any local Toyota dealership? And, is it truly $0 deductible? I’m still searching for a dealer or individual that has a Prius (with less than 36,000 miles and less than 36 months since new) in stock for sale. I’m in Pensacola, FL but willing to go 500 miles to find it.

  52. We have just purchased a 2008 Prius from Miata Toyoto in Sacramento, CA. We were initially charged $2,249 for the extended warranty. My husband had second thoughts about buying this for protection three years away. He called to cancel and got a hard sell and $500. off. We are now at $1,749 which my husband agreed to, but has not paid for. All this occurred before I had the brains to check out this site. I know everything in California costs more, but $1,749 still sound high since reading info on the web. Anyone have an experience with a price in northern Ca? Thanks

  53. I contacted Neil Hull directly at Molle Toyota in Kansas City, and purchased the Pre-Paid Service plan for a fraction of the cost quoted by Mossy Toyota in San Diego where I bought my 2008 Prius. Neil was absolutely terrific. Within a couple of weeks of my purchase, I rec’d. the official paperwork from Toyota.

  54. Re: an extended warranty
    Neil Hull will see it to you at a tremendous savings. However, I decided to purchase one through Mercury Auto Insurance because it offers the same “Platinum” terms for a lot less.

  55. I purchased my extended platinum care warranty for my 2002 Prius from Troy in CT a few years back. I live in Chicago and everything was done over the phone and via fax and email as I recall. Best ~$900 that I ever spent. Unfortunately, I have had alot of warranty repair done on my Prius, and all of it was done here in Chicago, without issue.
    I have to add that at almost 100,000 miles I love my Prius and cannot imagine driving a conventional car again.
    Take care,

  56. I just purchased a used 2007 Camry Hybrid at San Francisco Toyota. While the transaction was decent and the price fair what they wanted to charge me for the 7/100K/$0 VSA wasn’t. They actually wanted $1,800!!!!! I found this site through google and emailed Neil Hull at Molle Toyota. I received a response that afternoon and handled the whole thing by email/phone for about HALF price. You guys saved me $900.00!!!!! You can also call Molle Toyota at 816 942 5200 Ext 139.
    Thanks to everyone who has posted on this forum. Thanks also to Neil Hull for his professional and courteous service.

  57. I too just purchased a 7/76K warranty from Neil at Molle Toyota 815-942 5200 ext 139. He did everything by e mail and phone. The used car dealer I bought my Prius from wanted $1700 for 7/100K this saved me over $1000.00 and it is actually from Toyota Financial services which the dealers was not.

  58. I now sell Factory extended warrantys for all GM, Audi, VW, and still Toyota products. Helping you save in these tough economic times is one of my goals. Thanks to all for the positive postings!
    Neil Hull CIO
    Molle Automtoive Group
    785 217 3212 Cell M-F 8-5
    816 942 5200 Ext 139 (Dealership)M-F

  59. I just purchased a 2009 Prius. I bought a 6 year/100000 extended warranty for around $1200, which I now see was probably way overpriced– although she did knock $200 off of her original pricing. The F&I salesperson said that if I purchased the warranty at the time of vehicle purchase, I would be able to take advantage of an offer by Toyota to refund the entire purchase price of the warranty if I never used it by the end of the extended warranty period. She claimed that if I didn’t buy the warranty at the same time that I purchased the vehicle, I would lose the option to get my money back if I never used the warranty. Has anyone else encountered this offer or know if it is true? Thanks!

  60. I mistakenly assumed that the “refund guarantee” was a Toyota program because the Extended Service Contract is through Toyota. Now I am looking at it closely and I see that the “refund guarantee” is through “Signet Financial Group.” I don’t see anything in my paperwork that shows that I was directly charged a fee for it — so they must get paid by the dealer out of the profits from the sale of my Extended Service Contract.
    Although there is nothing written on the Signet contract that states that I must purchase the refund guarantee at the same time that I buy the new vehicle, the F&I lady really meant that SHE would only offer the refund guarantee if I bought the Toyota Extended Warranty through that dealership at that time. So, she really didn’t exactly lie about that. She just didn’t explain the whole story…
    I am usually very careful to read fine print, but since there was no apparent charge for the refund guarantee, I didn’t ask enough questions. It’s an effective sales technique — live and learn!
    If I go through the entire extended warranty period without using any of the benefits of it, I would have to submit a refund request to this Signet company, along with a bunch of documentation, and they will verify whether I have used the extended warranty. (How can they verify whether or not I used the warranty?) Will they even be in business in 6 years? So, in hindsight, I was taken for a ride.
    BTW, thanks for your site — I only wish I had seen it before I purchased the Extended Warranty.

  61. I recently looked purchased a 7yr/100k platnium warranty for 940 at crown automotive. Travis Simpson is no longer, their. I spoke with Jake Sacks. He was very helpful and the process took less than hour. His contact info is

  62. So has anyone did a press to test for the south east region and that they except this warranty without a problem?

  63. I wished i would had found you 3yrs ago. I owned a 2006 prius with 75350miles. i bought an extended warranty and was not aware that i could buy it some where else.

  64. We’ve got a deal signed on a 2009 Prius and the dealer is pressing hard for a $1500 7 year/75K extended factory warranty. I see from reading all the posts above that I need to shop, and I will, seeing that $700 is probably a reasonable hope.
    My question: someone else asked this, but haven’t seen an answer–is it any kind of problem in terms of the quality of service I’d get from my dealer here, if I’ve bought the service elsewhere? I was wondering about shopping around, then giving my dealer a chance to match the price; is this a good idea?

  65. I bought a 2006 Prius and choose not to buy an Extended Warranty which was offered to me at about $1000. It’s May 2009 now and I have put 98,000 miles on the car. Knock on wood but the only maintenance I have ever done on the car was changing the oil and changed out one set of tires at 65,000 miles. No problem whatsoever. Every time I go to the dealer for an oil change, they always said I need a 15,000 miles/30,000 miles/50,000 miles check up which cost from $175 to $600. I always denied it and never have any problem so far. I love the car because it is trouble free and it has the lowest maintenance cost ever on a car that I own.

  66. Wow! Thanks for this post. I went to buy a new RAV4 in southeast Texas(I know, this is about a Prius, but I found the post looking for extended warranty information). The local dealer had offered me a price on the car I was OK with, but I knew the warranty was going to be hi. So I called Jake Sacks from the post above before going in today and got a quote of $880. I used that as my basis for my drive off max price for the vehicle, told the sales person I had the $880 quote, and asked what he could do. $883 from my local dealer! Thanks tons!

  67. I picked up an extended Toyota OEM Service / Warranty from Jake at Crown based off of this blog. It was effortless + had an awesome response from Jake. It was $645 for 7/75. I highly recommend him. Contact info below:
    Jake Sacks
    Internet Sales Manager
    Crown Toyota
    (f) 785-838-7797

  68. Just bought a 2005 used Prius with 69,000 miles.
    The car is a dream to drive, but the higher mileage does have us worried a bit. I’d never buy any used car except Toyota or Honda with this type of mileage. Does anyone know the BEST exrended warranty I can purchase – and from whom – that would be best for a 2005 w/69,000 miles?
    My previous 4Runner went 11.5 years with 243,000 miles with no issues at all. I would be happy if this used Prius is even almost as reliable!

  69. to continue from the above message, I called Jake Sachs in Kansas, and within 20 min he returned my Email (awesome!) BUT that he unfortunately only sold warranties for up to 36K. I suspected so.
    I tried AAAuto Warranty (I think that was the spelling), and I was quoted an additional 60,000 miles or 48 months on top of my 2005 Prius’ already 70,000 miles… but the price was around $2,126 for their ‘Platinum’. I know an extended warranty for 70,000 to 130,000 will cost much more than 36-100K, due to the advanced state of the car, but I was hoping a price more like $1,500-1,700. Does anyone know if Toyota dealers anywhere will sell a warranty on a used Prius like mine? 2005 w/70,000K. If not Toyota, another reputable firm?? Please let me know… and maybe others w/ the same question! Thanks!!

  70. I have read the comments about extended warranties and am curious about:
    1. Are all these warranties the same? Do they have the same exclusions?
    2. Can someone give their experience using their warranty?
    3. What warranties are available after the 36 month period ?

  71. Dave, thank you very much for your recommendation. Luis at Lakeside Toyota in Metairie, LA quoted me $2,470 while Troy quoted me $1,215 for the same 8 yr 100K mile warranty! Even though I live in LA, I can still get it from Troy. I don’t have to get it from the local dealer.

  72. Have to agree with you about Troy Deidrich of Ford/Toyota of Greenfield. He beat prices on warranties on both my Toyota 4Runner and my Ford Expedition. He was also a pleasure to deal with.

  73. I bought Toyata Corrala 2006 on 6/26/2007, the financial manager offered us the platinum – Toyata Extrs Care plan. He told me and my husband vebrally that if I do not have any claim within 60000 miles / 5 years I would have everything I paid back. In January 2009 I called and checked with the customer service # 1 800 346 5990 , I was told no there will be no refund when my coverage expired, If I wanted to cancel, it would be prorated refund. I decided to cut my lost, I paid $90. per month used my credit card all the months from July 2007-Feb 2009. I only got around $900.00 back

  74. It’s great to read about the options in Prius Warranties.
    Now, what about the Reliability of the Hybrid?
    Any owner have really high miles over 100K?
    When are batteries being replaced and at what cost?
    Any difficulities with the electric motors?
    I am leaning towards a 2010 Level V with the 17″ tires and stiffer suspension.
    I live in S. Fl and usually cruise at high speeds up and down I 95
    Thanks for any advice and info

  75. Buying an extendend warranty may or may not be something you want or need to purchase but do not purchase the warranty if you feel there is no risk because it is “refundable”. Signet Financial Group offers a “refund” option for your vechical if you have no claims at the end of the period. I have been dealing with them for almost a year and best I can tell they do everything they can to delay your refund if they pay it at all. No one returns your calls and the hoops they ask you to jump through are almost impossible to meet. Buyer beware!

  76. I spent the week grabbing quotes from dealerships in San Diego, Denver, Des Moines, Iowa City and from Crown Automotive in Topeka (mentioned a few times in the blog comments). Jake at Crown beat all prices for Platinum / 7 year / 100k extended warranty on my 2008 Prius by over $500!
    He was extremely responsive via phone but is best reached via email. I’ve copied his contact information below.

    Jake Sacks
    Internet Sales Manager
    Crown Toyota
    3400 S. Iowa
    Lawrence, KS 66046
    Fax: 785-838-7797
    work: 785-843-7700
    cell: 316-258-5924

  77. Thanks Dave. I also purchased a toyota extended warranty from Troy Dietrich (Greenfield Toyota, 413.772.0231). I shopped around, and Troy gave me the best price.

  78. does anyone have any experience getting Toyota VSA for non-Toyota vehicles?
    The Toyota dealer that sold Honda Odyssey to me offered it and i thought that was kinda weird (bringing honda to toyota dealers for repair).

  79. Wow am I glad I found you Dave! I JUST signed the prepaid maintenance package at Toyota of Fayetteville for the tune of 1295.00 they sent me the “we hope you’re satisfied email.” to which I responsed that I am not happy, I do not want this paperwork, and seeing as how I have not even picked up my new car yet, we are still in negotiating phase. Fingers crossed for me okay!

  80. Just bought a prius 2010 and want to buy an extended warranty for it. The dealership that sold me the car insists that the money back guarantee 3 yr. extended warranty 2,500. plus tax is not negotiable. Does anyone know if I can buy an US warranty for a Canadian car. A

  81. I purchased a new 2011 Prius IV and I got a quote from the dealer for extended warranty. I just thought the price was a little high so I went onto the internet and did a little searching. I found out you can save some serious money on the Toyota Factory extended warranty by shopping around. I ended up calling Troy Dietrich at Toyota of Greenfield (Massachusetts) Tel:(413) 772-0231 and saved $300.00 on the same warranty where I purchased the new car. I even took the quote from Mr. Dietrich to my dealer and they could not come close to the price Mr. Dietrich gave me.
    I am very pleased with the savings and the ease of purchasing this Factory warranty from Mr. Dietrich.
    Eugene Field

  82. I purchased an extended Lexus warranty and my husband purchased an extended Prius warranty from Troy Dietrich of Toyota of Greenfield. The transaction was easy as can be and saved us over a thousand dollars between the two policies…..
    unlike most of the other dealers were offering! Troy is the person to buy your extended warranty through!

  83. I purchased an extended warranty for my 2012 toyota prius from Troy Dietrich. I live in Wisconsin and he has the same policy that I use here. Saved @$800 on the 8yr/100,000 mile vehicle
    maint.warranty. I wish i knew this last year when I bought my husband,s 2011 prius.Call troy at 413 772 0231.I recieved everything exactly like my husbands policy for alot less and it was easy to do and recieved it a week.If you<re looking at this Try, THANKYOU TROY.

  84. I can’t find the 100,000 extended warranty paper work. I purchased it of a out of sate toyota dealer. What should I do now.
    I have a 2007 Toyota Prius has 87,000 now.

    • Toyota should have a record of it: call the local service center and ask them to search the database for your warranty by VIN.

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