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One question that commonly arises in my email messages from readers and clients alike is the same that appears in all professions (yes, I’m saying that producing a good, credible business weblog is a professional undertaking): how do I get started?
As of yet, there aren’t any books I’m comfortable recommending, but I will say that I was appalled the book Blog, by Hugh Hewitt, and found it to be terrible, just terrible. I have high hopes for some of the new books in the pipeline from various authors who are part of the corporate blogosphere, however, so instead of listing any books, I’ll point to some of my favorite online references.
Note: My intent is to keep this list reasonably up to date, so if you have an additional article you think would be a valuable addition, please add it as a comment and I’ll migrate it up to the main article if I agree. If not, I’ll leave it as a comment and let people read it and decide for themselves.

In no particular order:

Where to Submit Your Blog because we all want to be found.

I’m sure I’ve missed lots of great reading on this subject. Please help me create a thoughtful and useful listing here. Thanks.

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  1. Dave �
    On approach that we are using is good, old-fashioned case studies of successful bloggers, e.g.,
    Your community event, “Business Blogs,” is different because it is:
    1.) Based entirely on 70 case studies with leaders IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Yahoo!, MIT and others;
    2.) Driven by authentic conversation with experts and among peers;
    3.) Not vendor hype — just authentic conversations on the future of enterprise social media.
    To register, visit:
    We are using the �book� “Business Blogs: A Practical Guide” including over 70 top business cases.
    I know it is radical to ask people what works (gasp!) and then conduct authentic conversations on the future.
    There is a conversation in Boston/Cambridge too.
    John Maloney
    T: 415.902.9676
    IM/Skype: jheuristic
    KM Blogs:

  2. There’s a fascinating piece on slashdot, of all places, that reveals another reason why you need to be careful if you opt to edit comments on your Weblog. Here’s the gist of it:
    “Thomas Hawk writes “HP has recently been making the rounds promoting their new company blogging efforts. Nora Denzel, HP’s senior vice president and general manager of HP’s Adaptive Enterprise and Software Global Business Unit has started a podcast and a number of new bloggers including David Gee, the head of worldwide marketing for HP’s management software business, have also started company blogs. So imagine my surprise when I tried to legitimately leave a comment critical of HP at David Gee’s HP blog and had my comment quickly erased and my HP passport (required to leave comments) revoked. Is it one-sided blogging to only let people say positive things about your company on your blog?” Update: 05/07 04:24 GMT by Z : Indeed, “Update: It would appear that David Gee has changed his mind and has reinstated my comment along with a comment from him saying he would pass the feedback along. A good first step. I’ve asked for an explanation as to why it was removed and hopefully will hear back soon.””
    and the links:
    David Gee’s blog:
    One sided blogging commentary:

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