“Thunderbirds Are Go!”

Anyone else watch Thunderbirds on TechTV? It’s a great TV series show from the 60’s filmed in supermarionation (yes, they’re marionettes). The show is a future-looking science fiction program and it’s quite entertaining!

What makes the TechTV version so fun is that they have little blurbs underneath the program talking about characters, gaffes in the story line, models and devices used in the scale sets, etc.

There are a bunch of Thunderbirds fan sites on the Web too, if you want to learn more about this ground-breaking British TV series. I recommend starting with the Official Thunderbirds Web Site, of course, and then checking out The BBC’s Gerry Anderson Cult Page (Gerry Anderson is the creator of Thunderbirds), and FAB1, a great New Zealand site.

3 comments on ““Thunderbirds Are Go!”

  1. Just discovered them a couple of weeks ago and think it’s adorable! However, they’ve taken it off the air. What happened? Anybody know?

  2. I have a question… Over the years of watching, I never seemed to find out what F.A.B. actually stood for. Can someone please tell me what the initials stand for. i will be eternally greatful. Q

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