Another excellent reason to buy a camera lens UV filter

I pulled out my Nikon 105mm macro lens from my camera bag this afternoon and was horrified to see that the glass was cracked on the front. Upon closer inspection (after many dollar signs danced before my eyes) I realized that it was only the camera lens ultraviolet (UV) filter that had been broken and that the lens itself was completely intact.


If you have camera lenses and you don’t have UV or neutral density filters on them, run out now and get one for each lens. The shattered glass you may intercept may be your own, after all…

If you’re thinking that these UV and neutral density camera lens filters might be too expensive, the 52mm UV filter I had on my lens can be replaced at Adorama, for example, for only $17.50. Not too bad an investment at all!

One comment on “Another excellent reason to buy a camera lens UV filter

  1. anyone have advice as to what camera i could use with my existing vivitar 28:200 macro zoom lense? Ideally a digital camera. thx.

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