The things you learn poking around on the net

Here’s an interesting (slightly modified) snippet of JavaScript from a random site I bumped into this evening:

<script language="JavaScript1.2">
var bookmarkurl=""
var bookmarktitle="RealLifeDebt - debts, bankruptcy and more"
function addbookmark(){
if (document.all)

Assuming I’m reading it correctly, it should automatically be adding a bookmark for the Web site (that’s not the original URL that was in the code listing, but I decided that the dubious site where I saw this snippet didn’t need another inbound link) when you visit the page, without your permission or knowledge. Hmmm….

2 comments on “The things you learn poking around on the net

  1. That’s reassuring. The question is: could you circumvent the confirmation dialog? I have noticed that when I install certain software on Windows (notably Real Player) that it adds its home page to my bookmark list (which I find HIGHLY annoying behavior!)

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