The things you learn poking around on the net

Here’s an interesting (slightly modified) snippet of JavaScript from a random site I bumped into this evening:

<script language="JavaScript1.2">
var bookmarkurl=""
var bookmarktitle="RealLifeDebt - debts, bankruptcy and more"
function addbookmark(){
if (document.all)

Assuming I’m reading it correctly, it should automatically be adding a bookmark for the Web site (that’s not the original URL that was in the code listing, but I decided that the dubious site where I saw this snippet didn’t need another inbound link) when you visit the page, without your permission or knowledge. Hmmm….

2 comments on “The things you learn poking around on the net

  1. Actually, I don’t think it’s automatic, at least not in IE on XP. It popups up an “Add to Favorites” dialog, but you have to click OK to actually save the bookmark.

  2. That’s reassuring. The question is: could you circumvent the confirmation dialog? I have noticed that when I install certain software on Windows (notably Real Player) that it adds its home page to my bookmark list (which I find HIGHLY annoying behavior!)

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