The modern face of teen angst

One of the Web sites that I run purely for fun is Etymologic!, an online word game themed around etymology, the history and origin of words. At the end of the game there’s a submission form, and while some of the submissions are valid and interesting, most are less serious. But today I got one of the more interesting submissions:

“there once was a girl who had a boyfreind that really loved her but he didn’t know if she loved him cause there have been a lot of things said about her loving somone else, do you think he believes those rumors even though he does not know if she loves him?

T he does not believe cause she told him she loved him once before
F yes cause she is a bad person anyway
F they both love each other more than anything”

Quoted as-is, with typos in place. In a new and very 21st century venue, young love still has its heart on its sleeve, with the pain of being jilted, and the challenge of trust just as difficult as it’s always been.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I do not get that post…maybe its just me.
    by the way what would happen if 2+2=5? that is an awesome feature to add to a weblog. great idea whoever it was

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