Workshop: Introduction to Business Blogging

We’ve been planning this for a while, the Colorado Internet Keiretsu and I, and now we’re pleased to announce the following two-hour workshop. But first, a bit of positioning…
Marketing in the last decade was defined by the question of whether or not you had a Web site. By now, everyone does, but some companies generate traffic and identify new customers through the Web while other business sites sit languishing, ignored by company and customer alike.
The next decade is going to be about your online message, about the quality of your dialog with your customers and industry, and the buzzword that defines this new perspective is “business blogging.”
Got that? Now, here are the critical details, followed by more information on what’ll be covered, how much it’ll cost (less than your weekly Starbucks tab, most likely), etc.
Date & Time:� April 20, 2005�from 12:00pm-3:00pm.� Networking from 12-12:30pm,�presentation starts at 12.30 sharp.
  Microsoft Offices
  4643 South Ulster Street (map)
  Denver, CO 80237
  Conf Room: Denver Maroon Bells
Cost:� CIK members are admitted free.� Non-members who are members of any CBAC organization are $10.� General public is $20. Please register online.

Okay, so we’ve got the basics out of the way. Now, here’s my description of this event, including why you – yes, you reading this blog entry right now – might want to consider finding your way to Denver for this two hour event.
If you think “blogs are personal diaries” you’re missing out on the revolution and, surprise, it won’t be televised. It’ll be shown in your sales figures, in how savvy and nimble competitors grow while your company has an increasingly difficult time gaining any visibility in an ever-growing business marketplace.
Taught by a leader in the business blogging community, this must-attend two hour introductory workshop will explain what blogs are, how they apply to business, and why you need to care. It will also show exactly what RSS feeds are and how you can exploit RSS technologies to keep track of your customers and competitors.
Topics covered in this workshop:

  • What’s a blog, and what’s a business blog?
  • How do blogs work? (with a live demonstration that’ll blow your socks off!)
  • What’s RSS?
  • How do you use RSS to keep track of customers?
  • Marketing communication in the 21st century
  • Ten must-read business weblogs
  • Extended Q&A session

Our presenter and CIK member Dave Taylor is a leading visionary on business blogging and its implications for business communications. A widely published author, his latest book is Growing Your Business With Google. You can learn more about Mr. Taylor by reading his blog The Intuitive Life Business Blog, and you can also check out his business and tech Q&A weblog Ask Dave Taylor!

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Note: A few weeks after this event I’ll be holding a half-day workshop on business blogging that will get into more details and have a more extensive discussion of what makes a compelling business blog. Whether this CIK workshop is too basic or just right, you’ll definitely want to reserve a half-day to attend Blog Smart, details coming to this very weblog in a few days.

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