Maybe I am the famous Dave Taylor WWE wrestler after all

Check this out, in this morning’s email:
To Dave Taylor,
Dave, I’m from World Wrestling Entertainment Magazine and we’re interested in conducting an interview with you. This is not a joke! We have a monthly section in the magazine where we interview folks that share a name with a WWE Superstar or Diva. In your case, you share a name with WWE Superstar Dave Taylor. The interview will mostly just be about what you do for a living, and we just compare the differences between and you and the wrestler in a lighthearted manner.
Dave, if you’re interested please give me a call. My number is 203.352.xxxx. I can fax you an example of the article, so you could get a better understanding, but please contact me ASAP. Thank you for your time!
Carlos Mejia
Editorial Assistant – WWE Magazine
World Wrestling Entertainment
1241 East Main Street
Stamford, CT 06902

I am, of course, going to assent to being interviewed. Maybe I’ll get to trade manly crushing handshakes with the other Dave Taylor (who is not #1 for a Google search of “Dave Taylor”, sucka!) some day….

3 comments on “Maybe I am the famous Dave Taylor WWE wrestler after all

  1. So who are you going to “call out” during your interview, Dave? Please, please use the opportunity to pick a fight with me! I’d love to try out my new kickboxing moves! 🙂
    – Amy Gahran

  2. I’m an on-again-off-again wrestling fan. The best stuff happened in the 1980’s… today’s stuff is too violent sometimes. But it’s an interesting offer to be interviewed… will you become a WWE fan after this (providing the interview goes well)? Definitely could bring more traffic to your sites.

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