Sign up and I’ll send you one of my books, free!

I’m experimenting with a new online training tool focused on the skeptical/trusting continuum and need to get some users signed up. Nothing you won’t find interesting and fun, but I do need to get a bunch of people – hopefully at least 100 – to sign up and fill in the enrollment form. Rather than just ask, though, I have a plan that I’ve been working on for a while with my publishers: I am going to offer a free copy of any one of my books to anyone who signs up in the next 24 hours.

So why not just do it? Not only will you find it interesting, but you’ll find it enlightening too (hopefully!) The signup form is online. And thanks!

3 comments on “Sign up and I’ll send you one of my books, free!

  1. You dirty dog! Not only have I been pleading with all those near and dear to buy the new shell scripts book, but I live in China and thought I had to have this in the bag because I read your site when any sane American would have still been sleeping. I could just taste victory…it was funny, though.

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