Nice job with the mobile search updates, Google!

One thing I like about Google is that the company introduces new features without any fanfare, sometimes just giving us the pleasure of stumbling across something that’s never been available before (like image matching capabilities in Google Image Search) or a new interface to a popular feature that’s just waiting for us to stumble across.
And that’s just what I did this afternoon when doing a Google search on my iPhone, stumbled across the coolest new feature that I’ve seen in a while. Check it out…
First off, you do a Google search on the iPhone in Safari and here’s pretty typical results:

google mobile search 1

Look a bit closer at the results, however, and there’s a new icon present to the right of each matching entry in the search results:
google mobile search 0

I’ve highlighted it above. Tap on it and suddenly you’re looking at the different view entirely:
google mobile search 2

Neat. Kind of reminiscent of “screenflow” in iTunes, isn’t it? If you move things down just a bit, you’ll find that there’s even useful information about each match in addition to the thumbnail view of the page itself:
google mobile search 3

Very cool. And the fact that I just stumbled across it? That’s pretty fun too.

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