My busy, busy next seven days

It’s good that I like being busy, because I sure am right now! Tomorrow morning I’m opening up the Thin Air Summit with the keynote address on “Finding a Voice: The evolution of personal media through history”, then Monday afternoon I’m a judge for the Colorado Inventor’s Showcase in Denver. A few days to recharge my batteries and Friday I’m back on the podium, offering up the keynote address for the Public Relations Society of America’s Colorado Chapter meeting in Denver. My topic is “Social Media 1: Public Relations 0 – Understanding, tracking and managing the message in a highly connected world”.
I’m also going to be moderating a (recorded) panel discussion for Blogger & Podcaster early next week, with author Michael Webb, ClickBank Director of Marketing Bob Dunlap, and blogging affiliate marketer Miles Baker, which I’m looking forward to quite a bit: they’re just the right people to discuss the challenges of commodity marketing. (the discussion will be made available through Blogger & Podcaster magazine a few weeks later)
In the midst of all of this I’ll have a complete change of pace by accompanying my delightful 4yo daughter on her class Martinmas lantern walk. If you don’t know what that is, the holiday is based on the legend of St. Martin of Tours, who was born in 316. He’s honored for having apocryphally sharing his cloak with a beggar and represents brotherliness. According to custom, as the days become shorter and the stars appear earlier, children would walk with lanterns through the streets singing. As the world grows darker, the inner light of man wants to shine forth. That’s what I’ll be doing mid-week.
Then it’ll be right back to business and social media and the online world, 2008AD. Kinda Jekyll/Hyde, actually. Everyone who is a parent and businessperson, however, knows what that’s like!
Sheesh. I think today I should just stay in bed and sleep, so I can be caught up for what’s going to be a fun and exciting, but tiring, next seven days! I hope to see you at one or more of these events.

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