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I know, it sounds like some sort of spam attack, but for the last six months at least I have been paying for my site hosting bills, my Internet connectivity bills, and quite a bit more, all by making a few simple changes to my Web site and then applying some thoughtful design to maximize the value of these changes.

Additionally, I constantly get email from people asking what methods are available to monetize Web sites and Web site traffic, and so rather than just say “affiliate links” or “Google’s Adsense program”, I have created an online site all about this topic…

The site I’m talking about is Free Web Money (subtle, eh?) and it already has a good collection of invaluable articles and insight into not only how to join some of these programs but specific details of code changes you can make to improve your ad clickthrus, tweaks to your site that improve your traffic and the all-important findability, and much more.
And I guess it’s pretty helpful: I’ve already had the site featured on Geek News Central, where they say:

Are you looking to make a little money with your weblog?

I know the hard cold facts surrounding making money with websites. In a word “difficult” but if you are looking to a few dollars to supplement your hosting cost check out this site. []

But don’t take it from a bunch of geeks, check out Free Web Money for yourself, and please feel free to come back here and let me know what you think (and if there are any additional topics you’d like me to write about).

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  1. You have not explained it in detail. Also can you tell me how will I make money by setting up a mail server. Gmail is all for free but still they are making a lot of money. Can you mail it to me telling about how I could make money? My e-mail id is

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