We want YOU to speak at the Thin Air New Media Summit in Denver, Colorado!

I’m cribbing some of this material from Goldie Katsu, who is the chairperson of the Thin Air Summit. Read on, though!
For those of you who have joined us at the Denver area Podcaster’s meetups you have heard some updates on the Thin Air Summit, but an update is long overdue.
The executive committee, Kit Seeborg, Rob McNealy, Erik Boles, Shandra Botello, Brian Yuhnke, Goldie Katsu and I have been doing a lot of planning and we wanted to bring you up to date and ask for your help.
The event will be happening at the Art Institute of Colorado, on November 7-9th. This first year event will be limited to 100 people making this event real opportunity to connect with the other attendees, share ideas and learn more about creating new media in depth.
For those who will be unable to attend this year, they will be able to watch the live cast of the keynotes and after the event the sessions will be released as podcasts.
The event itself will start on Friday night, November 7th with an introductory workshop. The workshop will be about “Everything You Wanted to Know About New Media but were Afraid to Ask”. [With apologies to Woody Allen –Dave] Saturday we transition to the conference with the focus on in-depth educational sessions and panels on creating, promoting and understanding new media.
In keeping with the Independent and Connected theme, the instructor led sessions are broken into three independent tracks:

  • Text – blogging, microblogging, web publishing
  • Audio – Podcasting, live audio shows, music
  • Video – Podcasting, Live Streaming, Video dialogues

The panels, which both start and end the day, will bring all of the attendees together as we explore common themes and look at defining and understanding new media in its many forms.
Right now we have a call for presentations open and this is where we need your help. Help spread the word about the call for presentations and if you have an expertise in new media and could lead an education session in one the above areas stop by the Thin Air Summit website and fill out the proposal form at:
If you haven’t spoken at a conference before, this could be a good place for you to seek to either pull together or join a panel, and if you have spoken before but don’t tend to travel out of Colorado too often, this is also a great opportunity for you to get involved in a grassroots Podcamp-esque event. Please, send us your best ideas!

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