Join us at the Thin Air Summit, get my book for free!

Thin Air Summit logoI’m very excited to not only have been involved in the planning process for the upcoming Thin Air Summit, coming next month in Denver at the beautiful downtown Sheraton, but to also be invited to give the opening keynote talk for the event too.
My talk is titled Finding a Voice: The evolution of personal media through history and my (working) description is:

New media isn’t new at all. Whether it’s a hand-cranked printer hidden in the basement, a bootleg radio station or a can of spray paint, people’s need to express themselves and make an impact on their community has been a pervasive part of history. What is new is that we, the public, ARE the media too now, and that your blog might well have a greater readership than a traditional media outlet controlled by a homogenizing corporation like Clear Channel. We’ll look at these topics and explore the key questions of What’s going on?  How did we get here?  And how can you gain more influence in this ever-changing marketplace?

Sound interesting? I hope so!
In addition to my keynote, we also have my friend and colleague Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research giving the second day keynote too, entitled “The Future of Media in the Social/Digital Age”, which I’m eager to hear: he’s very plugged in to trends and forecasting with his position at Forrester.
Additional speakers and sessions are shown on the Thin Air Summit site, so you can read ’em yourself.
What I want to announce here is that I’m offering a special promotion: the first twenty people who sign up for the Thin Air Summit using the special registration code “dave” will get a free signed copy of my book Growing Your Business With Google. That’s a good deal, and doubly so if you’re joining us!
I hope this serves as a good additional incentive to join us Nov 8-9 2008 at the Sheraton Denver for the Thin Air Summit!

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