The never-ending waves of spam: now eBay addresses?

Got this tonight:

We are offering an email database which allows to contact eBay members (both sellers and shoppers).
These are individuals that buy and sell items on the eBay auction. Please notice that 90% of eBay
customers are also customers of PayPal.

This database will be perfect for selling your products/services, because we are providing you
unique prospects who purchase and sell more than anybody else! The data contains 408,000 records,
which include personal email addresses only. The records cover ALL categories listed on eBay.

Oddly, the spammer who was offering this – for only $360 – forgot to mention that harvesting this data is against eBay’s terms of use, and that of those 408,000 records, at least 400,000 of them will be furious that you sent them email. But it’s all in the name of commerce, right?

One comment on “The never-ending waves of spam: now eBay addresses?

  1. I’ve also been getting this spam lately (that keeps passing through my schools filter), that my ebay account has been hacked and to please sign on to make sure everything is ok..
    The fishy thing about this is you sign onto a non-ebay website… And I don’t have an ebay acount… Those spammers/hackers/pw stealers are getting tricky…
    The hyperlink even says…/... but if you hover over you could see the real link.

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