Interested in learning business blogging from Dave Taylor?

I’ve a busy calendar in the next few months and wanted to let people know about the many opportunities you have to learn about business blogging, how businesses can gain visibility – and findability – through utilizing the blogosphere, and how to mine blogs for competitive intelligence, market research and customer satisfaction.
Here’s an overview:
Writing for the Online World and Blogosphere for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society for Technical Communications. Oct. 20, in Denver, Colorado.
BlogSmart!, my always-popular seminars on business blogging, including extensive hands-on blog creation and management. It’s a darn smart way to learn everything you need to become an effective business blogger. Oct. 5th, in Boulder, Colorado.
Explode Your Business with Blogging, an exclusive half-day workshop at the fabulous 2006 Affiliate Summit, the premier conference for affiliate marketers. Jan. 8th, 2006, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Exploding Your Business via Blogging, an eight week teleseminar with online marketing guru Brad Fallon, eight weeks of personal discussion, networking with other high-powered entrepreneurs, and much more, all without you having to leave the comfort of your home or office.
More detail on each event…

Thursday, October 20th
I’ll be giving a one hour presentation — with lots of Q&A — on Writing for the Online World and Blogosphere for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society for Technical Communications.
If you’re in the greater Denver area, it’s a good chance to learn more about this important aspect of both blogging and commenting on other people’s weblogs (not to mention even writing static Web pages). Most people think that the style of writing they learned in college works fine in the online world, but, perhaps surprisingly, that’s not true.
Wednesday, October 5th
The return of my popular BlogSmart! seminars. In one day you’ll learn both The Business Case for Blogging and How To Blog: TypePad, including a special discount code for the professional TypePad weblog hosting service, a chance to win your own signed copy of my Growing Your Business with Google book, and, most importantly, a chance to network with other business bloggers in the greater Colorado Front Range area.
Material covered will include:

  • What is a blog, and how does it differ from a business Web site?
  • How to mine blogs for competitive and market intelligence
  • Turning your customers into your extended sales force
  • Establishing a true, credible voice in the marketplace
  • Avoiding common blogging pitfalls
  • Understanding findability, the future of business

And, in the hands-on workshop:

  • How to sign up and configure your business blog
  • How to write a blog entry (it’s easy!)
  • Good blogging style, voice and linking approaches
  • Finding other bloggers in your market segment
  • Publicizing your weblog

BlogSmart is lauded as one of the best opportunities for people in the Front Range to learn about business blogging from an expert, without having to travel far. Don’t miss it!
January 8th, 2006
Immediately after my good friend and colleague Joel Comm shares his tips on how to maximize your AdSense income I’ll be offering a dynamite half-day workshop targeted specifically for affiliate marketers called Explode Your Business with Blogging.
Fair warning, though, it’s not going to be about tricks, “blog and ping”, SEO tomfoolery or other tactics to subvert the blogosphere or fool search engines, we’ll be talking about real business strategies that really work for companies who are finding that blogging dramatically increased their visibility and sales. And a conference in Vegas, how can you go wrong?
Starting Soon
The eight week teleseminar Exploding Your Business via Blogging will start – it’s almost filled already – and then a small group of smart entrepreneurs will spend eight weeks learning everything you need to know about blogging for business and how to grow your online business through smart weblog development.
No “blog and ping” for us, this will be focused on real content, real weblog strategies, and real results. If you can’t travel but want to learn interactively with your professional peers, this is an excellent option. Of course, you could spend the next six months stumbling around, guessing about what might work with a blog and hopefully not making any of the Six Deadly Business Blog Mistakes, or you could jump straight to knowing all of the top success strategies for your business through this fun and informative teleseminar.
One More Thing…
After having presented talks, keynote speeches and workshops at over a hundred different industry events, I’m pleased to say that audiences really love my presentations. I’m invariably one of the top rated speakers at any event I attend, and I promise you that all of these venues will be fun and entertaining while also being darn informative. But don’t listen to me, read some audience feedback.
I have more events coming up soon, and am always interested in speaking opportunities too, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to talk about specific venues.

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