Immerse yourself in Internet Marketing, mid-May in Dallas, Texas

After being involved with the Internet for decades, I have decided that there are basically two types of entrepreneurs I meet, those that think of the Internet as a cost center, and those that think of the Internet as a profit center. I’m also blessed to be involved in more than one group where there’s a fairly high bar for inclusion and where everyone has already enjoyed a significant level of success, so I know a lot of people in both camps.
And after all these years, there’s no question in my mind: to be successful you need to hang out with successful people and learn how they think.
You don’t have to follow them – indeed, some of what my colleagues do to make money feels a lot more like squeezing blood from the proverbial rock and turns me off completely – but I have to admit that a few years ago when I went from having a Web site that cost me a few hundred per month to a site that was actually profitable it was quite an epiphany and did genuinely change my life.
And that’s what I’ll be talking about, along with a lot of inside scoop on findability, business blogging, focusing your business efforts, and much more, at two upcoming conferences in May, one in Dallas and the other in Chicago.

The Dallas conference is called Focus 4 The Future and it’s a weekend event May 12th-14th at the Radisson Hotel at Love Field in downtown Dallas.
I’ll admit, the lineup for this conference is almost all people I don’t know, but it’s likely that you’ve heard of Perry Marshall, Craig Perrine, and Russell Brunson, among the professionals who will be presenting. My friend Joel Comm will also be at the event and talking about his deep expertise with Google AdSense (heck, we’ll be sharing a room!) so I won’t be quite flying solo. 🙂
What’s attractive about the Focus 4 The Future event is that the price of admission is surprisingly low: most of these Internet Marketing weekend events run a few thousand dollars or more, but you can gain admission to the Dallas event for under $500 if you register ASAP.
That plus Dallas being a highly connected city for air travel means that this is an unusual opportunity for you to dip a toe into the Internet Marketing waters without getting a second mortgage (alright, just kidding about that, but if you do want to get a second mortgage, I’m sure we can find someone online to help out… :-).
I’m looking forward to this Dallas event and one of the nice perks of being a presenter is that I get to evangelize my own perspective and viewpoint, rather than just listen to others, so I’m sure I’ll garner some controversy when I start out by saying that “there is no magic formula that’ll make you money overnight. Long-term success comes from effort, not luck, and not tricks.”
Just as much, I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone else has to say, and, more than anything, meeting the attendees and finding out about their businesses, their vision, their hopes and how I can help them be more successful.
Maybe you’ll be one of them?
      Click here to join me at Focus 4 The Future in Dallas!
Later in May I’ll be involved with The System Seminar, but as I said, I’ll write more about that in a few days…

6 comments on “Immerse yourself in Internet Marketing, mid-May in Dallas, Texas

  1. The conference is going to be great. But, don’t forget, the same team are also running one for those of us from the UK, in Birmingham on 1st September. I will definitely be there. These conferences can often be pricey but, tickets for these ones are v reasonable, and there’s going to be some quality speakers there.

  2. I hope you are not joking about starting with “there is no magic formula that’ll make you money overnight. Long-term success comes from effort, not luck, and not tricks.”
    I think anyone who gets into online marketing should hear that message.
    You can’t imagine how many bright-eyed affiliates join our affiliate program after reading some e-book and think that they are just days away from a six-figure income. What they don’t know is that eating a bag of cheetos and setting up an AdWords account isn’t gonna get you there.
    Our top affiliates work 10-hour days, 6 or 7 days a week to rake in the “big bucks.” And those affiliates are some of the most determined, self-motivated and extremely intelligent. Most people aren’t motivated enough to do what they do.
    So go get ’em Dave! Maybe you can save some people some time and money 🙂

  3. Hi Dave,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to your insight. I appreciate how approachable you were with us audience members.
    A few of the other speakers were not so approachable and sort of stayed away from the attendees — as if they were some sort of “super-human” 🙂
    I took diligent notes and will apply what you taught immediately.
    Best of luck with your online ventures and I look forward to seeing you at a future seminar.
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks, Eric. I love talking at seminars, dinners, or even by myself in the car, for that matter! 🙂 Glad to have met you and I hope we can work together on a project in the future.
    And now… off to Chicago for The System!

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