Ideas needed: how do you market a breath mint?

I’m rather stymied on this one:
“I am marketing a new product, it’s a special mint that completely eliminates alcohol and tobacco breath. The website is Could you please recommend appropriate sites or blogs to inquire regarding review of my product; or PR agencies that will efficiently place articles/reviews on the web for me?”
In a nice demonstration of why social media systems are so wonderful if you actually participate and build up a community of colleagues, I simply posed the above question to my Twitter followers (you could be one too, just follow @DaveTaylor).
Here’s what they had to suggest:

thatsoftwareguy thatsoftwareguy

@DaveTaylor Lots of super hot women. And a monkey. Always add a monkey to maximize sales and profits.
Leslie Rohde leslierohde

@DaveTaylor – alcohol breath is from systemic out gassing of metabolites so i doubt mints alone does the trick
ksowocki ksowocki

@davetaylor how about giving them away for free for a few months at restaurants the way breath mints are now?
Andy Erickson AndyAE

@DaveTaylor “Who Else Wants to Beat a DUI” ? 😉
Marc Fuller marcfuller

@DaveTaylor – Gotta do it as the “real lifesaver” A part would be short personal reenactments via YouTube videos, alt enuf to go viral.
Jim Symcox Jymsym

@DaveTaylor it’s a miracle!
Patti Serrano PATTIwithAn_i

@DaveTaylor ….I would use it! ……isn’t word of MOUTH *no pun intended* the best form of PR /ADV.
Jill Whalen jillwhalen

@DaveTaylor and of course to SEOs at conferences 😉
stadol stadol

@DaveTaylor “Hey, you’ll die of cancer—but you’ll smell minty fresh while doing it! Try “Delusion”, the best mint around!”
Jill Whalen jillwhalen

@DaveTaylor I think marketing it to bar owners to sell to their patrons.
Erik Fair skeptech

@DaveTaylor Signs at eye level in bar toilets.
Holly Kolman mobienthusiast

@DaveTaylor for the word of mouth videos you can tagline it with something like “it’s not like kissing an ashtray”
Vincent Wright VincentWright

@DaveTaylor If it completely eliminates alcohol & tobacco breath, I’d start with a word of mouth “challenge campaign” See
Holly Kolman mobienthusiast

@DaveTaylor re: mint I would go word of mouth and hand out samples in bars, video it for youtube viral, make it funny

Now I’ll be the first to admit that not all of these ideas are the mark of genius, but there are some very powerful ideas here, ideas that could really help market this company. I think that the team at could definitely be inspired by this.
To be fair, the original question was about what bloggers might review their product, but I think that’s a tough one. Generally I am in favor of inviting bloggers to review products because word of mouth marketing is so powerful, but short of finding college bloggers who write about how much they drink – and few of those are influential to any greater population – I think that having a more creative approach is exactly what’s needed here.
Just as importantly, note how a simple question to Twitter produced a wave of interesting and thought-provoking ideas. These services aren’t about how to pump your URL out to others, how to easily produce more traffic to your site, but rather about how you can create an online community of people who are willing to help you out as needed – if you also help them.
Something else to keep in mind, fellow Twitter users.

5 comments on “Ideas needed: how do you market a breath mint?

  1. I think one market that wasn’t identified in the Twitter comments above is the dating market. Something like this could definitely be positioned as a “clincher” for dates. You know, you could have an advert where a guy meets a hot date, gets invited into her apartment, gives her one kiss, then gets kicked out for being a “stinky breath”. With this in mind, I’d target dating websites, maybe ever run a promotion offering free mints for every date you arrange for someone.

  2. I love your idea. Have you thought about marketing through a local convention center? If you get the contact person for each event you can offer to give samples to all attendees at registration. I know that when I attend conferences we are always sharing breath mints. Just my idea.

  3. I agree with your idea too!
    With this in mind, I’d target dating websites, maybe ever run a promotion offering free mints.
    I know that when I attend conferences we are always sharing breath mints.

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