How to Pitch Your Startup: a free online tutorial

My colleague Susan Cooney and I wrote a popular online tutorial for startup businesses entitled how to pitch your startup to investors and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve now turned this into a free online tutorial for all you current and future entrepreneurs. I’ll whet your appetite too, with this opening paragraph…

“It’s your big chance: you’ve been talking with your friends and family about your business idea for months. You’ve convinced a colleague or two to join forces with you. You’ve even started down the road to creating some deliverables, have a small office lined up, and maybe even have some initial sales. But it’s becoming clear that to aggressively pursue your marketing plan, to achieve your corporate mission, you’re going to need to raise some capital. Not a few thousand, but millions.”

Please spend a few minutes and learn all about
how to pitch your startup to investors.

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