Hey, now I’m “retrogeek fashion”?!

Two nice new reviews of Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, one at news.com and the other at macblog.com. The latter is a more standard review, where it says: “While I’m proficient in basic shell scripting, I found tons of valuable examples in this book, as well as many useful scripts that I’ve added to my personal script library. If you’re interested in the command line and shell scripting, this is an excellent book which will extend your knowledge, and provide more than a hundred ready-to-run scripts.”.

The news.com review, though, seems to think my book is a harbinger of a Greater Trend in Computing or something, when they say “Still, it’s not just retrogeek fashion that’s keeping command-line interfaces around. It turns out they’re actually useful–for example, command scripts can ease remote administration chores and automate humdrum tasks.” Uh, yeah, guys. Thanks, I think. I just need to figure out how to dress so that I’m not too retrogeek fashion conscious.

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