Here are some cool new Web sites to check out

If you have a few minutes to spare, I can’t say enough about the value of each of the following Web sites, run by friends and colleagues of mine:

If you’re an entrepreneur or small businessperson and have realized the truth that the more ideas you’re exposed to, the more ideas and inspiration you’ll have, then you should definitely check out these superb articles from Paul Lemberg on various business topics. And then pop over to my own site Growing Ventures to read about business plans, boards of directors, and more.

Free After Rebate
If you’re an inveterate bargain hunter and are finding that the “gold box” at Amazon isn’t cutting it for you, then there’s no better site to check out (and RSS feed to add) than at this great site focused on hardware and software you can get for free from various other spots on the net.

Tunes Tracker
I’m rather saturated with music at this point – my iTunes library has 3543 songs, 10.7 days, 17.64 GB of music – but I still like to keep track of a few of my favorite artists (like Bruce Hornsby, Sting and Kate Bush) and this great tool makes it a breeze to keep an eye on these artists at the Apple iTune Store.

Ask Dear Anne
This funny and opinionated advice column is written by a pal of mine and is sure to grow into a fun and entertaining Web site as more questions arrive. Better yet, try to stump her by asking something weird or other. 🙂

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