Help with Fighting Spam / SpamAssassin

Just wanted to add a pointer: I’ve just completed reformatting the Guide to Writing your own Add-On Rules for SpamAssassin to help people who are lucky enough to have access to SpamAssassin learn how to write good rules and maximize the effectiveness of their spam fighting techniques. As a testimonial, I have had wonderful luck with SpamAssassin myself and have to say that it’s really saved my sanity, with the 300+ spam I receive daily. Please feel free to link to my document if you have customers or visitors who use this great tool.

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  1. Another great photographer

    Dave Taylor’s Photo Portfolio. I found him because of his “Guide to Writing your own Add-On Rules for SpamAssassin” post that someone (and I forget who) pointed out. He’s a fellow Colorado blogger and part of the ring I set…

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