Help make SXSW ’09 an even more amazing conference!

SXSW '09 logoFor the last few years I’ve taken a pass on attending or speaking at the ever-more-popular SXSW (pronounce it “south by southwest” to sound cool) conference and happening in Austin, Texas. Each year my friends all migrate deep into Texas and I read about all their exploits, the great sessions, the fun parties, and the general hilarity, while thinking “yeah, next year.”
Well, 2009 is next year and this time I actually have a proposal in to speak at the conference. Unlike other conferences, however, SXSW takes into account audience interest with an online voting process that will either demonstrate the accuracy of The Wisdom of Crowds or ruin the conference in a half-baked popularity contest. 🙂
Be that as it may, hey, I’m not above it. Register with the Panel Picker then vote for me:
      How to Screw Up Your Online Reputation
Here’s my session description:

“A fun and lively presentation on what does and doesn’t work in the online social media world, addressing best practices and worst mistakes. And if you do screw up, how do you fix things and recover? And (shhh) is it worth doing stupid things to just garner attention? Maybe…”

Doesn’t that sound fun and interesting? 🙂
Turns out a bunch of my friends have also proposed panels, so if you’re in a voting mood and these sound interesting, I’m sure they’d appreciate the votes too:

If we can all get spots on the conference grid, it’d be an amazing lineup. If not, well, I’m sure we’ll all have an awesome time too.
And if you’re more of a film person, you’ll appreciate that I’m also going to be attending the SXSW Film Festival too, probably disseminating @FilmBuzz stickers too!

3 comments on “Help make SXSW ’09 an even more amazing conference!

  1. Thanks Dave! I was having a hard time wading thru all the proposals this year to find folks I know I want to see – great list! 🙂
    (and yes, I even voted for you! ;))

  2. … I just found this post. Thanks for mentioning one of my proposed panels, though!
    Your panel sounds great, though. It’s somewhat similar to the “Avoiding Disaster” panel we did at BWE which was a ton of fun!

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