Hardware karma back up to my usual level

Today is ending quite a bit differently to how it started! I traded in my broken TiBook for a shiny new 1Ghz G4 Aluminum Powerbook, got my wife’s PowerBook back and upgraded it in the process (doubled RAM, swapped in my 60GB hard disk), and just plugged in the new 512MB of RAM that Apple sent me to try and fix the G5 and… it appears to be working! I’ve been pushing it hard by running memtest which aggressively tests RAM and this is the first time in over a week that my system can run the entire test without a kernel panic.

The new AlBook (presumably that’s its nickname, since the Titanium PowerBook was known as the TiBook) is a lovely piece of engineering too, though it’s a bit weird to have a laptop where all the ports are on the sides rather than the back. Further, I still don’t understand why there aren’t covers on these ports, but … anyway, looks good so far.

So I started the day with my wife’s laptop in for service and both my laptop and desktop broken, but ended it with everything up and running. My thanks to the Jason at The Mac Shack (Boulder) for his help!

One comment on “Hardware karma back up to my usual level

  1. I spoke too soon. G5 is still having problems. Ran the Apple Hardware Test and had no problems. Tried to do an “archive and install” on the recommendation of an Apple Tech, and the system got a kernel panic during the install. Now it doesn’t see an OS on the base drive (surprise). Since I now have Applecare for the system, I’m expecting someone to show up and fix it in the next day or two. Or at least take us to the next step…

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