Free conference calls and a busy spring schedule

I haven’t said much about it here on my weblog, but 2006 has become a whirlwind of training and workshop activities, and I’m really glad to share that much of it is free for the listening!
I’m going to be talking about blogs at The System Seminar, a huge Internet Marketing event coming up in Chicago, hosted by Internet marketing wizard Ken McCarthy. This is going to be a great event and I’m really looking forward to sharing a podium with the likes of Brad Fallon, Declan Dunn, Mike Stewart, and Martin Wales, among others. Even better: Ken and I are going to be chatting on the phone tomorrow, the 28th of February, about the conference and my specific session on blogging and you’re invited to join us!
The free teleconference with Internet marketing wizard Ken McCarthy about using blogs to promote your online business is tomorrow at 12.30pm Eastern time. Please sign up and get lots more details:
    >> Sign up for the free call with Dave and Ken McCarthy <<
I’m looking forward to it and hope you’ll join me on the phone.
Update: you missed the call, but can still hear the recording: The Magic of Marketing with Blogs. I think you’ll find it a good use of an hour!

Popular author Steven Yoder, who wrote the engaging and insightful book Get Slightly Famous, is going to be joining me for a multiple-part series on how to grow your business using all of the online tools, from Google to blogs, article promotion systems to comments on discussion boards. You won’t want to miss that, and our first call, which will also be free, is coming up in just the next few days. I’ll send out signup information in the next 24 hours: pop over to BlogSmart! and sign up for the mailing list now, so you don’t miss out!
I’m also excited to have an upcoming two-part teleconference with industry legend Joe Vitale who knows more about copywriting and marketing copy than just about anyone on the planet. We’ll be having a free evening discussion that you’re invited to join on 13 March. More as that gets closer.
If you’re based in Colorado or able to come out to our fine state for a visit, I’m going to be hosting an afternoon workshop all about LinkedIn, including how to use LinkedIn to find and land a job, how to use it to build up your own professional network, how to identify and contact people in companies you’d like to have as customers, and much more. Sponsored by a bunch of great Colorado organizations, it’s scheduled for the afternoon of April 7th, so mark your calendars, and don’t miss it.
Speaking of Brad Fallon, Brad and I are just wrapping up a terrific eight-week series focused on how to grow your business with blogging, eight 90-minute discussions, two bonus calls (one with Joe Vitale, the other with Anne Holland), transcripts, and much more. If you can’t make it to one of my on-ground workshops, it’s really the next best thing, and it’ll be available for sale in just a few weeks at the BlogSmart! site.
That’s it for now. There are more events in the hopper, including a talk I’ll be giving at the Affiliate Summit in Orlando, Florida, but that’s pretty far away for now so I’ll write more about it when it’s closer.
Right now, I’d just like to invite you to jump aboard the call tomorrow morning with Ken McCarthy, so you can learn more about The System Seminar and how it could well change the path of your career and life.
    Sign up for the call: it’s free!
That’s it for now. Thanks for reading about what’s new here at Intuitive Systems.

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