Did the patent on Rolex watches suddenly expire?

I can’t figure it out. A week ago I was getting the usual flood of spam, but no-one was trying to sell me a watch of any sort. Mostly it was the typical drivel of instant body part improvement, medicines from fly-by-night people who can’t even spell, dating enticements, and porn sites. But all of a sudden, in the last four or five days, everyone and their brother seems to think that I want to buy a Rolex watch.

Am I alone in seeing this onslaught of Rolex and watch spam? Does anyone have any theories about why they’re suddenly popping out of the woodwork when I’ve gone for years without anyone trying to sell me a watch (well, other than a few deadbeats on the subway)?

The great irony, of course, is that I haven’t worn a watch for at least five years, and have the lack of a tan line on my wrist to prove it. After all, with cellphones picking up the time off the cellular network, aren’t watches obsolete?

Also, spend a few minutes and visit the Rolex Web site. Gosh, it’s awful! And those watches! Do people really buy such ugly jewel-encrusted gee-gaws?

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