Comcast to double cable-modem speed?

According to an article at Comcast is quietly testing cable modem systems that are twice the current speed (that is, 3.0Mb rather than 1.5Mb/sec). I’ll believe it when I see it, but according to the article:

“[Comcast] plans to double the downloading capability of its high-speed Internet service by the end of this year to distinguish its product from competitors.

Of course, I’d rather that they halved the price: I’m paying almost $60/month for my cable modem connection, but double the speed would be nice.

In an ironic footnote on a week when the folks at the RIAA have launched lawsuits against individuals, the industry analyst quoted in the story says:

“Comcast’s anticipated speed bump from 1.5 to 3 megabits will cut the download time for a typical 5 megabyte music file to 17 seconds, from 30 seconds, said Joe Laszlo, a senior analyst at Jupiter Research. “

And they wonder why us industry insiders laugh at the industry analysts!


2 comments on “Comcast to double cable-modem speed?

  1. Hi again Dave:
    It would be nice considering the fact our upload bandwidth is throttled at 256K. Can’t do very much with a bandwidth radio of 1.8 Mbps. down/256 Kbps. (at least as far as running servers and the like)
    But yeah, I’ll believe it when I SEE it. :-}
    Cheers for now 🙂
    Patrick Cook
    Denver, Colorado

  2. Yes, halving the price might be a better way to go here. While faster is better, I am tired of paying the high price too. Those $24.99 postcard advertisments are tempting, but I am happy with the service.

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