Global PR Week: Why CEO’s Shouldn’t Blog

Global PR Week 2.0I’m pleased to be one of the many professionals who have contributed time, ideas, and articles to the online conference Global PR Week 2.0, and want to highlight one of my articles that just came online this afternoon.
But before I do so, I want to explain how I can write about PR is Dead and then join the circle of public relations folk who created Global PR Week. The answer’s simple: I’m not interested in seeing public relations die, I’m trying to help move the discussion of what is public relations in the 21st century along. Those people who believe I’m anti-PR have missed my basic point: go back and read my article again and you’ll see what I’m saying.
Anyway, if you have even a passing interest in public relations – and you should – then I encourage you to dedicate some time this week to reading through the many superb articles going online each day at the Global PR Week site, or just use an RSS aggregator to subscribe to the RSS feed.
Now, on to my article on Why CEOs Shouldn’t Blog. Here’s how I start it out…

Why CEO’s Shouldn’t Blog
“To answer the question of whether CEOs should blog, let�s sweep aside the enthusiastic rants of the blog evangelists so we can consider the role of a corporation and the responsibilities of a company CEO. So as to not keep you in suspense, however, let me state up front that I believe the CEO of a company should not be spending her or his time blogging.
“But let�s start with PR, since this article is for Global PR Week.
“Public relations focuses on establishing a voice, a message, for a company and then assisting in disseminating that message to the marketplace and, specifically, to the market segment that encompasses both current and future customers. Within that mission, there are certain key, necessary assumptions made: companies can have a message, the message can be disseminated into the marketplace, and the constantly reinvented, evolving message within the marketplace can be managed and controlled…”

Please continue reading my article at Global PR Week 2.0, then read the other perspective from my colleague Jeneane Sessum in her splendid article Why CEOs Should Blog.
I also have another article queued for publication that I’ll link to once it’s live, on Fake blogs: New marketing channel or really bad idea? which might just surprise you…

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