Classic Dumb Spam

I’ve thought about this for a while: mingled in with the stupid and lame spam I receive are the occasional ironic messages, messages with misspelled entreaties to get a graduate degree, etc. In general, receiving over 100 spam messages a day, I can either view it as highly annoying or a potential source of amusement. I opt for the latter. So, without further ado, my ever-growing list of entertaining spam…

In no particular order:

From: Lois Lee <>
Subject: Have you ever missed a great oppurtunity?

Dig that groovy domain name for the email, eh? And we certainly wouldn’t want to miss a great “oppurtunity”, would we? Alas, it’s just selling refilled ink jet catridges, so I won’t end up a millionaire from this one.

From: caroline <>
Subject: Hardcore Toon Humiliations

Aren’t cartoon characters already humiliated by being so darn two-dimensional already?

From: Fat Pockets <>
Subject: Stop Worrying about Debt, We'll show you how

versus the alternative pitch for the same service:

From: Extra Value <>
Subject: Get out of debt now

Which would you choose? 🙂

Here’s another one that’s a classic:

From: <>
Subject: Re: Never pay for porn again, your FREE paysite is here!
.... lots of junk removed ....
This is a one time targeted mailing, but you may remove yourself
by (removes are processed once a month) Clicking Here

Alright, so if it’s free, how can it be a paysite? And if it’s really a one time mailing, why would I want to remove myself from the list? Ah, the mystery and wonder of spam…

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