Build a teleseminar or audio recording studio on eBay

I like to think of myself as pretty darn focused when it comes to business. There’s just too much else I want to do with my time – including play my cool new electric/acoustic guitar – to spend hours or days on false trails. However, sometimes things do slip past me and I end up with a site that is collecting dust, a half-written prototype, or even some hardware on a rack in my office.
One of these was my journey to find professional telephone audio recording equipment. Without a doubt, I have a great setup, but I just never actually used it and with the prevalence of third-party telephone recording services that include transcription options, why bother doing it myself anyway?
As a result, I’m selling about $1000 worth of audio / telephony gear on eBay right now and wanted to alert you to the superb deals to be had. The setup starts with a great Edirol M-100FX 10-track audio mixer with USB out, and a broadcast quality Sennheiser HMD-281 headphone with built-in mic, coupled with a JK Audio Inline Patch Audio Interface, a box that lets you do some very cool things with the audio from your phone line. Finally, I’m also selling Deck 3.5 LE, a 12-track audio mixing app for the Mac.

Here’s just a bit more info if you are interested, and, yes, I am hoping for some bidding so I can recoup at least some of my investment in this pristine, never been used (go figure!) equipment.
Edirol M-100FX 10 channel mixer with effects & USB out!
The M-100FX is a 10-channel Audio mixer with a number of useful Voice & Sound Processing effects. The M-100FX is designed to primarily target the video editing market with such features as direct USB connection to computer, voice effects suited for voice-overs, and a variety of input types, including XLR/TRS, 1/4′”, & RCA inputs. The many inputs allow the video editor to record from most any source straight into the computer without the added noise common with most internal sound cards. The M-100FX also has phantom power for use with high-end condenser microphones more suited to narration. Although the M-100FX is clearly targeting the video market, the particular tool set will fit most any small computer-based audio studio.
Sennheiser HMD-281: uni-headphone with built-in mic
The HMD 281 Professional is a single-sided monitoring headset that has been specially developed for talkback applications in combination with film and TV cameras.

  • An 8Hz to 25kHz earpiece frequency response ensures critical monitoring
  • Noise-compensating microphone delivers a voice-critical 50Hz to 13kHz response fidelity, flexibility, and ruggedness for high quality, long-term professional use.
  • 1/4 inch connection for headphones
  • XLR connection on Microphone

JK Audio Inline Patch: Pro Telephone Audio Interface
“The Inline Patch is a little box that connects between the base of an analog or cordless telephone and the wall jack. You can continue to talk on the phone and get access to audio on both sides of the call. The unit’s two back-to-back hybrids give you complete control of audio from both sides of the call. Audio input jacks let you mix sound bytes or music into your conversation. One stereo output jack provides your voice on one channel and the caller’s voice on the other channel. A second output jack contains a mix of both voices. Front panel control for each output offers all the control you will need. The Inline Patch does not disrupt your Caller ID or ring signals.”
BIAS Deck 3.5 LE multitrack audio editing for Mac OS X
Deck 3.5 LE turns your Mac into a full-fledged recording studio. You can easily record up to 12 tracks with full CD quality. Edit your work instantly (while always being able to revert to your original recordings), process your tracks using EQ and other built-in digital signal processing, and even play back MIDI files in perfect sync. When you’re done recording, you can mix it all down using Deck 3.5 LE’s virtual mixing console.
Deck 3.5 LE is everything you need and then some. Sure, you could always take a few months to learn some other multitrack software, or buy a complicated (and expensive) hardware recorder. But no other solution is as easy to use and as fast to learn, or is more compatible with so many audio interfaces.
Okay, that’s enough exclamation marks for one posting. If you’re interested in any of this, however, please do pop over to my auctions on eBay and place a bid. Thanks!

2 comments on “Build a teleseminar or audio recording studio on eBay

  1. Hi,
    I’m exploring how to record interviews for my podcast. Can you tell me what “affordable” services you’ve found or gadgets?

  2. Hi Dave,
    I experience quite some difficulties in getting good podcast quality out of recorded “classic” telephone conversations… So yes, please let us know what you use and how you use it.

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