And tonight, someone is apparently trying to hack my Gmail account

I have to wonder what’s going on when all of a sudden I’m receiving password reminder email messages from Gmail but I haven’t forgotten my password. To give them lots of credit, though, Gmail doesn’t actually email a password, it does this…

To initiate the process for resetting the password for your Google Account, visit the link below

Thank you for using Google.

For questions or concerns regarding your account, please send mail to

This is a post-only mailing. Replies to this message are not monitored
or answered.

Nifty. Congrats, again, Gmail, on really thinking through these issues. it’s the most elegant solution to restoring passwords I’ve seen yet.

Gmail might be getting some points off for privacy in the California legislature with a recent misguided piece of legislation, but they do get lots of points with me for elegant and thoughtful software design and implementation. Now you chaps just need to get complete support for Safari.. 🙂

25 comments on “And tonight, someone is apparently trying to hack my Gmail account

  1. If I understand correctly the url you pasted above would allow anybody to change Gmail account passwords (in this case your password). Were you being sarcastic or am I missing something?
    Great shell script book BTW, I may have to buy this 😉
    Also the sum you have to solve to post comments doesn’t appear to accept answers in anything other than base 10, what’s up with that?

  2. Ah, do you *really* think I haven’t tweaked the URL slightly so that it wouldn’t work? 🙂
    Uh, the non-base-10 stuff, well, I’ll work on it, I guess. But most people don’t seem to like base-e numbering…

  3. it’s funny, i’ve had the same thing happen with my gmail account too. and it’s a bit silly, because they’d have to know your security question and answer, right?

  4. Yeah, seems a bit daft to me, I agree. But nowadays little hacker kids (aka skript kiddies) seem to like taking potshots at everything they encounter. I even occasionally have rejected requests for me to unsubscribe from my own mailing lists too. But Gmail seems to have cooled down a bit since it’s so easy to get accounts now.

  5. change my password plz help me as another person came to know my password. so i request u to help me in this case

  6. i’ve been keep getting more spam mail then normally but there all like in japanese text or in like in some jibberish text, so i’m thinking someone is trying to send me a virus or something. i want to copy the text and then change the font to english so maybe i could read it but im abit neverous that i might open it accidently.
    any suggestions?

  7. sir my all password has been hacked by some hacker i want all that id back he hacked my yahoo, rediffmail and gmail account and changed my personal information and alternate email adress so how can i get back can u please do some help for me

  8. Sir,
    My gmail account has been hacked…Any way to retrieve my account…Its really important for me.Can u plz help me..

  9. Somebody has hacked (same)passwords of my rediff IDs. If anybody can help me to get it back please, i need those ids back. Please if any body can help.

  10. somone hacked my Id and changed security question..I have some important and urgent data in that id.pls tell how can I recover my password

  11. I know for sure that my Gmail is compromised. But at the same time, unable to understand how? There is a security question, security answer, a time log in Gmail detailing upto last 5 logs.
    Do you think it is that easy to just hack into anyone’s gmail?

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