Another reason why’s the online retailer to beat

How’s this for an example of why it’s safe to pre-order products at e-retail powerhouse

You saved $1.12 with’s Pre-order Price Guarantee!
The price of the item(s) decreased after you ordered them, and we gave you the lowest price.
The following title(s) decreased in price:
City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments, Book 4)
Price on order date: $11.79
Price charged at shipping: $10.78
Lowest price before release date: $10.67
Amount to be refunded: $0.11
Quantity: 1
Total Savings: $1.12
You will receive an additional e-mail when this refund is processed.

Amazing. No worries about comparison shopping, no anxiety about waiting until the book is released to see if it’s going to be cheaper elsewhere, just a completely automated system that ensures customers get the best possible deal, even after they’ve placed their order.
Kudos to, again.
Imagine if your cellphone bill worked this way, btw…

3 comments on “Another reason why’s the online retailer to beat

  1. They also refund tax (collected in advance) if they find out the country they are sending to doesn’t collect tax.
    Their return policy is excellent. Customer service is great.
    I just can’t see any other company giving customers such assurance and good feeling.

  2. My brother only shops with Amazon if it is possible and he tells us about it all the time. He says that if they ship him the wrong order they have let him keep the wrong order and then also send him the correct order. He loves Amazon and raves about them all the time. I wasn’t aware of the above until now. I might have to try it out. They sound even more amazing.

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