Amazing tech tidbit of the day

I need to replace the hard disk in my tough-working Apple TiBook (Titanium Powerbook, if you haven’t seen that notation before) and I asked Larry @ OtherWorldComputing for a recommendation on a new disk. He’s recommended a 60GB Toshiba drive, the description of which states:

” The MK6022GAX offers the industries highest areal density per platter, at 49.8 gigabits per square inch.”

That’s a mind-boggling number in my eyes: almost 50GB per square inch. Imagine a disk that had just ten square inches: almost a half-terrabyte! I know, the math doesn’t work that way, but still. And did I mention that I was lovingly fondling a shiny new 30GB iPod last night too? That’s a pretty darn small disk drive too! No question, there are amazing things coming down the pipeline for all of us.

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